“Ultrametabolism Class” starts tomorrow

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow during our 5:00 Discipleship Training Class at First Baptist, Athens, we will begin the third class continuing the theme of caring for our temples.  I’ll be honest, we Baptist are the worst when it comes to eating healthy foods…we just fall right in line with the way our culture eats, and eating bad foods is a huge reason why we are suffering all the diseases we are….it’s not the only factor, there are chemicals all around us including those we clean our homes with, our schools,  and our places of business.  We put chemicals on our pets, on ourselves…when you use soaps, deodorants, makeups, lotions, sunscreens….and we inject them into our babies in the forms of vaccines.  We spray our schools and home and neighborhoods with neurotoxic pesticides to kill insects, and they slowly or not so slowly end up  killing us.

My story begins when GOD thought of me….HE thought of me and HE had a plan and purpose for my life to bring HIM glory.  HE wanted me to have a personal and intimate relationship with HIM. There was a big problem though….long before chemicals came and contaminated our food supply in the forms of pesticides, and genetically modified organisms….sin entered the world and sin was for more deadly and dangerous than any chemical or mold will ever be to us.  Our earthly infirmities are for a season, and GOD uses them and HE provides HIS grace and HE promises to be strong, and the literal word is “dynamite” in our weaknesses.  But sin….sin kills, sin destroys lives, families, and unforgiven sin seperates us from a HOLY GOD WHO loves and cares for us so much, HE sent HIS precious sinless SON to take the punishment for our sin.  Amazingly, when we confess our sins to HIM, and ask HIM to forgive us…CHRIST forgives our sin and our black hearts, and HE sees us just as if we had never sinned!  However for those who refuse CHRIST’s forgiveness and HIS payment on the Cross, sin continues to rule and reign in their hearts and liv es, and they are separated from JESUS now and for all eternity, and are doomed to burn in HELL in the fiery flames “Where the worm never dies and the fire is not quenched.” Matt. 9:44.  There is no comparison between the importance of the having a personal relationship with JESUS, and having a healthy body.   You can be forgiven of your sins, and not be healthy, and look forward to all eternity having a perfect glorified body spending it with CHRIST.  But if you are healthy here on earth, and reject CHRIST’s payment for your sins….you will spend all eternity burning and eating all the organic food, and living in a toxic free environment are just rubbish.  Paul says in I Timothy 4:8, “For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”

The purpose of this class, is first of all to do all i can to make sure you are spiritually healthy and know JESUS as YOUR LORD and SAVIOR. CHRIST saved me when i was 19 years old and shortly thereafter HE called my husband and i to go to the foreign mission field.  While my husband went to seminary, i attended nursing school.  I never dreamed i would be using my nursing skills on myself after i got sick from pesticides, antibiotics, chlorine, secondhand cigarette smoke, etc. We never made it to the mission field overseas, but GOD has brought the mission field to us here at home.  Everywhere we are surrounded by sick people, spiritually and physically, including our own challenges in our family.    GOD has given me a burning desire to share with “clinical pearls,” as they call them in the medical world, to help us understand what is making us sick, and what to do about it.  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” Hosea 4:6.  Look at us, we are a sick people, and we are being destroyed for lack of knowledge.   

For this class we are going to be using the book, Ultrametabolism, by Dr. Mark Hyman as our springboard and guideline.There are some things Dr. Hyman believes that aren’t bibilical such as evolution in the book, and I am not teaching those things…i believe in Biblical Creation,just as those Bible teaches.  Please be aware of those teachings and others that aren’t biblically sound in the book.  I say  we are using his book as a springboard because many of the things he has shared in his book, i have learned from my wonderful doctor Katherine Henry, president of Texas Institute of Integrative medicine. Dr. Rodney Soto, http://www.holisticalabama.com who told me about the book. He teaches the importance of food being our medicine.  We are so blessed to have a local physician in our area who searches for the underlying cause of sickness and treats it, and seeks to teach and prevent us from becoming sick.  Dr. Jeffrey Moss, with Moss Nutrition, is a wonderful nutritionist up in Massachusetts who taught me  that you have to eat a certain amount of calories a day to make sure you can get your metabolism going.  He also taught me the importance of weight bearing exercise to help reduce the body fat and that there are many people who supplements are not helping.  That was interesting to me coming from a man who has a supplement company and teaches at the university level the importance of nutrients.  It really added a lot of credibility to  me that he wasn’t just trying to sell me a product. I had just been taking a world of supplements for almost a year, and not only had my levels not improved, but my body crashed and burned.  Dr. Moss encouraged me to get off all my supplements which i did, and thankfully my body began to calm down. There are others such as Dr. Sherry Rogers, Dr. Bill Rea, Dr. Ron Overburg, Dr. Charles Hall, Dr. Daniel Daniel, Dr. Gus Prosch, my friend Gail Clanton, who have all contributed greatly to my journey of regaining my health and i am so grateful for GOD bringing them all in HIS love and timing to help me and teach me. I thank HIM for my dear parents who grew their food in the garden, and each summer we picked it, shelled it, and  Mom and Dad, froze it and canned it.  Daddy kept a milk cow, and we always kept a calf in the freezer.  My health challenges came inspite of being exposed to and taught to eat healthy.  Mom didn’t buy chips except for special occasions, and we couldn’t afford soft drinks.  We had a lot of fruits and homemade goodies my sis was good at baking for snacks.  Most of all i thank HIM for my dear husband, who has stuck by me through thick and thin on this incredible journey called life and through your hard work GOD has enabled me to go see the finest and best physicians and caretakers in the world. Thank you….

Come join us tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m….as we continue our journey to the CROSS, and the path to healthy temples of GOD.    We will be meeting on the second floor…i look forward to seeing you!

His Grace is Sufficient,


   P.S. Health Tip of the Post:  Take Zinc and Biotin for hair thinning, this from Dr. Katherine Henry of the Texas Institute of Integrative Medicine in Richardson, Texas…1-972-234-4776. Also check thyroid levels for thinning hair….with a functional or integrative or holistic physician. Often regular thyroid test don’t show if you have a problem…these type physicians do specialized tests to help you figure out if you truly have thyroid problems.

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