Ultrametabolism: The Fat Myth

Ultrametabolism Class: The Fat Myth


 “Not hidden from the Almighty.” Job 24:1

Thy SAVIOR is near thee, suffering, lonely, tempted friend!  Thou art not the plaything of wild chance.  There is a purpose in thy life which JESUS is working out. Let thy spirit flee for rest to CHRIST, and to HIS pierced hand which opens the book of thy life!  Rest thee there!  Be patient and trustful!  All will work out right.  Some day thou wilt understand.  In the meantime, trust HIM “though sun and moon fail, and the stars drop into the dark.”

What thought the way may be lonely,
And dark the shadows fall;
I know where’er it leadeth,
 My FATHER planned it all.
“The sun may shine tomorrow
The shadows break and flee;
Twill be the way HE chooses,
The FATHER’s plan for me.
“HE guides my halting footsteps
Along the weary way,
For well HE knows the pathway
Will lead to endless day.
A day of light and gladness,
On which no shade will fall,
Tis this at last awaits me-
My FATHER planned it all.
“I sing through shade and sunshine,
And trust what’er befall;
HIS way is best-it leads to rest;
My FATHER planned it all.”
“GOD is working out HIS purpose.
   As i began to work on this lesson for the week, i am rather frustrated that i am having so many problems with trying to take something for my thyroid.  I feel irritable, and unsettled, and yet even in my Quiet Time this morning, the LORD was giving me peace that THIS is HIS path for me. Sometimes i confess i don’t like HIS path for my life.  And that is when i am reminded in times like right now that when i don’t feel like giving HIM thanks to give HIM thanks….for this is GOD’s will for me in CHRIST JESUS.”  The above devotion was from Springs in the Valley, Oct. 5,…right on time for my wrestling heart with HIS plans for me.
As I write, i am reminded that CHRIST’s healing and salvation came to me through HIS suffering, death, and resurrectionso does anything that HE would use to reach others for HIM through me.  I want to be a channel of HIS healing to others….am i willing to pay the price?  It must come through my suffering, my death to self, and life in HIM as i abide in HIM. The lesson over and over of the doctors who have helped me so much…their  help to me has come through much cost, financial, time,  and physical suffering to them and their families. So too must mine…
We only covered the first part of Chapter 3 of the Fat Myth….so stay tuned for MUCH more great information next week…

UltraMetabolism: Chapter 3

The FAT MYTH: Eating Fat Makes You Fat

I have been reading a lot of good resources this week about fats and I wish I had time to include all that I have read. I pray the LORD will help me to condense it, and share with you the important points…

In Dr. Hyman’s book, he uses the example of one of his patients who had seen him after his first bypass surgery. He was 42, and he ate a perfect low fat diet, exercised daily, took an aspirin, a cholesterol medication, and a beta blocker to protect his heart. He followed his doctor’s advice perfectly. After 8 years, he developed chest pain again and the angiogram showed his new “bypass” arteries had clogged…the doctor performed an angioplasty where a balloon was inflated inside the artery to correct the blockage. The doctor again advised him to eat even less fat which he did. Over the next year, he had six more angioplasties, and after each one, the doctor further advised him to reduce his fat. He gained weight after each angioplasty. The doctor told him not to worry, as long as his fat intake was low he would be fine. By the time the patient saw Dr. Hyman, he was tired, 30 pounds overweight, and feeling terrible. He told him his low fat diet of pasta, rice, bagels, and potatoes was killing him. His good cholesterol was low, and he had a high triglyceride level as a result of prediabetes, or insulin resistance. He had him cut out the high glycemic load carbs (quickly absorbed refined carbs), eat more nutrient-rich whole foods, including vegetables, fruits, and beans, and add foods containing healthy fats, including olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut oil, and fish oil to his diet. Within a few months he has lost 30 pounds, his energy was better than ever, and all his blood work was normal. Despite his growing belly, both he and his doctor believed so strongly that fat makes you fat that they missed the obvious.

Mainstream nutritional science has demonized dietary fat, yet 50 years and hundreds of millions of dollars of research have failed to prove that eating a low fat diet will help you live longer.”- Gary Taubes

Diets high in fat do not appear to be the primary cause of the high prevalence of excess body fat in our society, and reductions in fat will not be a solution.”

-Walter Willet M.D. PH.D

Professor, Harvard School of Public Health

-Refer to Dr. Prosch’s handout here….

Dr. Hyman says that we have been brainwashed to believe that if we eat fat, we will get fat. The U.S. Government (Department of Health and Human Services, 1988), the American Heart Association (19996) and the American Diabetes Association (1997) all recommended a low-fat diet to prevent and treat obesity. It seems logical: if you don’t eat fat, you won’t gain fat. Just one problem-science doesn’t support this…we have been taught to believe this because fat has more calories per gram than carbs. But there is more to the story than calories or fat grams.

The American Paradox: We Eat Less Fat, We Gain More Weight

Recently Dr. Walter Willet and others have shown that high levels of dietary fat do not promote weight gain, and any weight loss from a low fat diet is usually modest and temporary. Two studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that a low-carb diet leads to more weight loss than a low-fat diet.

For over thirty years, Americans have been trying to get healthy by cutting fat our of their diet. But our obesity rate has tripled since 1960 and a full two thirds of our populations is presently overweight. We now have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes in children. Because of the obesity epidemic, for the first time in the history of the human species life expectancy is declining, not increasing, so that children of this generation will live sicker and die younger than their parents.” We are eating less fat than we ever have down 42 percent ofdiet, to 34 percent of our total calories yest, we’re growing fatter….this is the American Paradox.

One of the major reasons is low fat diets are often rich in starchy or sugary carbs. In attempt to avoid fats, we replace with easy access, refined carbohydrates like white flour, white rice, pasta, potatoes, and sugars. These types of carbs raise insulin levels, which in turn promotes weight gain. It’s easy to eat a lot because while fat makes you full, sugar makes you hungrier. We’ll learn more about this in the carbohydrates myth in Ch. 4

There is No Evidence That Fat is Bad For You

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that a low fat diet contributes to either weight loss or good health. We have been taught that eating fat increases our cholesterol and high cholesterol causes heart attacks. From this we conclude that decreasing the fat in our diet would lead to fewer heart attacks. But while death from heart disease seems to be dropping, the number of people acquiring heart disease is not. American Heart Associations own stats show that between 1979 and 1996, medical procedures for heart disease increased from 1.2 million to 5.4 million a year. Heart disease isn’t decreasing with the low fat diet America has adopted; we are just better at treating heart disease once it does exists.

A famous study, the Lyon Heart Study, had to be stopped early because people eating the low fat, American Heart Association diet were dying, while those eating the healthy higher-fat Mediterranean diet, including olive oil, olives, nuts, avocados, and fish, were doing fine.

A more recent study found that over 10 years, healthful lifestyle practices in an older population (70-90 year olds) including a higher fat Mediterranean diet, moderate physical activity, nonsmoking status, were associated with nearly a 70% reduction in death from any cause.

The most absurd study is the U.S. Government spent nearly 100 million on the Harvard Nurses health study to see if there was any correlation between dietary fat and heart disease. Th study ultimately found that there was no connection between the two, but the government refused to change public policy, which had been built on the idea that a low-fat diet was a healthier way to eat years before the study was complete. Dr. Willett the lead researcher and spokesperson for the project, even publicly decried the government’s reaction as “scandalous,” but there was no effect. Public policy for a low-fat diet is still on the books to this day, though it was adopted without a shred of evidence.

The TRAGIC part of this scandalous decision is the fact that U.S. Policy on low fat diets has contributed to an epidemic of obesity diet, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer related disorders by encouraging Americans to adopt a low-fat and recommending in the 1992 USDA Food Pyramid that its healthy to eat six to eleven servings of cereal, rice, bread, and pasta in place of fat. This pattern of eating has been proven to contribute to every one of these fatal health conditions.

How Pharmaceutical Companies and the Food Industry Are Conspiring to Keep You Fat

To make matters worse, the publics belief in the myth that surrounds dietary fat has been supported by the pharmaceutical and food industries. The sad truth is there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that they have promoted these unfounded, unhealthy beliefs simply for financial gain.

Drug companies would have us believe that”bad” or LDL cholesterol is the single biggest factor in the development of heart disease. The truth is the determining factor is the ration of your total cholesterol to your “good.” or HDL. Easy way to remember which cholesterol is good “H” in HDL is for happy, “L” in LDL is for “lousy.” The pharmaceutical companies promote this unfounded belief not because there is scientific evidence that supports this but because the main class of drugs available for treating high cholesterol are statins, which mostly lower LDL, and these drugs are among the best selling drugs in history. (My note, Dr. Sherry Rogers, www.prestigepublishing.com has been warning for years, the dangers of statin drugs in her Total Wellness newsletters and her book, The Cholesterol Hoax.

Interesting fact here by Dr. Hyman is that the ratio between your total cholesterol and your HDL is almost entirely determined by the type and amount of carbohydrates you eat, not by the amount of fat you consume.

The chart on P. 32 of the book, UltraMetabolism illustrates clearly that “bad” carbohydrates are by far the greatest culprit between worsening the ratio between your total cholesterol level and your HDL level. ( My Note: This goes along with the information that Dr. Gus Prosch shared with me almost 20 years ago…the beginning of heart disease came along not when our grandparents ate butter, lard, and animal fats…but when they made vegetable oils and put them through a hydrogenation process. Also, when they took the Vitamin E oils out of bread, and refined the flour so that the bread could stay on the shelf longer. These are the culprits for the heart disease, ….the bad “fats,” and refined carbohydrates, along with pollutants in our environment, such as cadmium we get from car exhaust and other heavy metals which contribute to plaque buildup ) .

Bad” carbs are a staple of the food industry and the low-fat diet. Shifting from refined carbs such a bread, pasta, rice, and sugar to “good” (healthy) carbs such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruit would lead to a drastic reduction in all the diseases of aging and obesity. 

We will continue with “ALL FATS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL,” next week.

Thanks so much for taking time to read…and if there is anything i can help you with, please let me know.  GOD bless you!

Below are some miscellaneous websites that you may find helpful:


http://www.healthcentral.com/multiple-sclerosis/cf/slideshows/10/1/?ap=825-Inflammation-right kind of fats reduce inflammation, extra virgin olive oil, borage oil, coconut oil, grass fed beef

http://www.naturalnews.com/006587_Healing_foods_molasses.html-Omega 3’s great for mental health, depression, along with molasses, and other healing foods.

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