Ultrametabolism, Ch. 4, The Carb Myth-Eating No Carb or Low Carb Will Make You Thin

Dear Friends,

      Each week we start each class with prayer and sharing the WORD of GOD.   This week was no exception, except we did visit and ate some healthy whole foods…cantaloupe, (thank you for bring that Kay!)organic popcorn cooked in coconut oil with Celtic Sea Salt, turnip greens from our garden, sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, homemade sauerkraut, homemade kefir, celery,  and tomatoes before we got started.  We also had some “Immaculate Cookies,” with unbleached unbromated flour, palm oil, and other ingredients that are better choices.  We also had some Halloween Candy that was there strictly for educational purposes:).  It was really neat because as we got to talking about our lesson,  the lesson was right there before us on the table!  We did a quiz to see what would be considered a “high glycemic food,” definitely the  Halloween Candy, and what would be a “low glycemic” food, -the whole foods that was before us on the table. In our upcoming class we will be talking about the importance of the Phytonutrient Index so be sure and read ahead.  Dr. Hyman makes this eating thing really simple, without counting carbs, fats, calories….just eating  Organic WHOLE, Unprocessed foods the way GOD intended them to be.

The health of our physical bodies pales in comparison with the health of our souls, (I Tim. 4:8) and i would be remiss if i didn’t tell you that JESUS is ALIVE, HE Dries Every Tear that Falls, HE SAVES, and HE’s Coming Back for You…” and for me and for all who have trusted HIM as our SAVIOR and repented of our sins.  I heard this powerful song yesterday, “This Blood,” and it has gripped my heart…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQLlW_Bl4BA&sns=fb.  I pray it will grip yours too.  We are to be telling others about the salvation and healing found in JESUS CHRIST alone…”I have come to tell you that “HE’s Alive, He Saves…and He’s Coming Back for You.”  Have you told anyone today that JESUS loves them and died for their sins? “For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only SON that whosoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.


Below is the devotion we shared this past class.  I asked myself, how did it tie in to our lesson after the LORD laid it on my heart.  I started thinking about unforgiveness and how it leads to a bitter spirit and defiles many.  Many people who have been bitter for years over the way they’ve been treated, find that when they are able to forgive as CHRIST forgave them, their physical health issues improve also.  Our spiritual health truly is tied to our physical health, and if we aren’t healthy spiritually, it does affect us physically. I pray the LORD will use this devotion to help you to forgive as HE has forgiven us.  This is certainly an issue i have been dealing with lately and the LORD is helping me to forgive, as i think about how HE lavished HIS forgiveness upon me and i have done for more wrong than what the person i am struggling to forgive has done to me and others.

JESUS Calling, by Sarah Young, Oct. 28

Do not expect to be treated fairly in this life. People will say and do hurtful things to you, things that you don’t deserve. When someone mistreats you, try to view it as an opportunity to grow in grace. See how quickly you can forgive the one who has wounded you. Don’t be concerned about setting the record straight. Instead of obsessing about other people’s opinions of you, keep your

focus on Me. Ultimately, it is My view of you that counts.As you concentrate on relating to Me, remember that I have clothed you in My righteousness and holiness. I see you attired in these radiant garments, which I bought for you with My blood. This also is not fair; it is pure gift.When others treat you unfairly, remember that My ways with you are much better than fair. My ways are Peace and Love, which I have poured out into your heart by My Spirit.Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
—Colossians 3:13 I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.
—Isaiah 61:10In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.
—Ephesians 1:7–8And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.
—Romans 5:5 – http://bit.ly/eF5kSq

Ultrametabolism, The Carb Myth-Eating Low Carb or No Carb will Make You Thin

We are all familiar with the Atkins diet, we’ve done it in our house with varying degrees of success through the years when we were strict with it.  The Atkins diet is a low carb diet and it does bring loss of weight in some people to varying degrees. But does it bring health along with it, and does the weight stay off?   The example in our chapter is a patient of Dr. Hyman’s who gave up carbs and bread and ate all the eggs, sausage and steaks he could eat.  Initially he lost about 20 pounds, but then he started having severe constipation, hemorrhoids, and bad breath.  He was toxic, tired, and his weight stopped coming off.  When Dr. Hyman saw him he realized that eating bacon, cream, and steak every day couldn’t be healthy.  Besides increasing his risk of developing cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, and osteoporosis, he just wasn’t feeling good anymore. Dr. Hyman got him to eat a whole-food diet, including some of his favorite meats ( and he recommended him changing to range, grass-fed and organic varieties of these meats), plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals ( which can quickly become deficient in a person who is on an all animal protein and fat diet), and slowly absorbed or low-glycemic-load carbohydrates.  The man’s energy perked up, and his hemorrhoids and constipation disappeared along with his bad breath and extra pounds.  He had a newfound lifelong strategy for eating that didn’t exclude fat or carbs but got him eating the right ones.”
Carbohydrates Are the Most Important Foods in Your Diet
   As we have learned, all calories aren’t created equal, all fats aren’t created equal, and all carbohydrates are not created equal.  The different types of carbs act in different ways to have remarkably different effects on your metabolism.  Dr. Hyman says that despite what American culture tell you, carbohydrates are actually the single most important food in your diet for long term good health.  Carbohydrates found in their natural form contain most of the essential nutrients and specialized chemicals that keep us healthy and turn up our metabolism.  Processed and refined carbs slow down our metabolism and contribute to every one of the major diseases associated with aging, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and cancer.
    Most of us think of carbs as bread, pasta and sugar, they are but there is much  more to the broad world of carbs.
What is a Carbohydrate?
    Carbohydrates are one of 3 major energy producing substances we consume- fat and protein are the other two.  Fat is fat, and we learned the last three weeks there are good fats and bad fats.   Protein is found in animals and plants.  The basic building blocks of life, amino acids, come from protein.   The major sources of protein in our diets are meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, fish, beans, seeds, and nuts.
       Carbs are basically everything else, and they make up the biggest food group we eat.  Most people think of “the white menace,” when we talk about carbs, white flour, white sugar, or varieties of these.  Most kinds of breads, pasta, and cereal at our local grocery stores contain the white menace and are definitely bad carbs.
      Vegetables are also carbohydrates, so are fruits.  Whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds are also carbs.  If we want to be healthy and thin the rest of our life, we must eat these good carbs because they contain phytonutrients.
     Phytonutrients are healing plant chemcials, and they are found in plant food.  The only way you can acquire these important healing substances is to eat real, whole unprocessed plant food-all plant foods contains carbohydrates!
Phytonutirents are essential to optimal health:
  • they help turn on genes that make us burn fat and age less quickly
  • they are the source of natures most powerful antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress, which reduces inflammation and mitochondrial damage and these all affect your metabolism

Phytonutrients are critical to our health and to a healthy metabolism.

Glycemic Index- the glycemic index should be replaced by an index that judges how rich the carbs you are eating are in phytonutrients.  This new index is called the phytonutrient index.  It gives much more valuable information than the glycemic index ever did, because it gives us a way to judge how rich our foods are in these healing plant foods.  It is the simplest way of choosing high quality food.  When you want to eat a certain food, ask if your ancestors could have eating it…if so take a bite; if not, put it back!
      To think of the phytonutrient load, think of food in its unadulterated state…fresh, whole, and unprocessed-vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, seeds, whole grains, and think color and variety.  Almost all refined oils, refined sugars, refined grains, potato products, and animal products….what makes up most of our Western diet, has no phytonutrients.  
     The phytonutrients in our diet are critical in controlling gene messages that affect both our health and our weight.  This is one of the major reasons to eat a predominantly plant based diet of whole foods.  Phytonutrients turn the genes that control weight and metabolism on and off and help prevent every known chronic disease of modern civilization.
From Natural News:

Plant-based diet helps prevent more than 60 percent of chronic disease deaths

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037749_plant-based_diet_chronic_disease_prevention.html#ixzz2AqA0F3Px

Lignans in flaxseeds, catechins in green tea, polyphenols in cocoa, glucosinolates in broccoli, carnosol in rosemary, resveratrol in redwine…all are phytonutrients that fight disease and obesity.

Fresh vegetables score fairly high on the phytonutrient index, while typical pastas and breads don’t even make the list, showing that fresh veggies are higher in healing phytonutrients than refined or processed carbs.
Processed carbs have many of their important phytonutrients properties stripped from them…they are basically empty calories.  Empty of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.
Dr. Katherine Henry, Texas Institute of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Rodney Soto, http://www.holisticalabama.com  and other doctors who have truly learned the keys to healing their patients all recommend plant based diets to help reverse chronic diseases.  They also recommend the book, Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis that shows how contaminated our wheat supply is in America.  Eliminating wheat is a key to losing weight and regaining health. Our modern day wheat is not the healthy wheat GOD created to nourish and heal our bodies…it has been changed thousands of times in the past 70 years for man’s profit.
Next week will explore the world of insulin, insulin resistance, also known as “Metabolic Syndrome,”  and what all that means to your health and mine. Eating a whole foods, plant based, unprocessed food diet will help to reverse this process.    Please join us as we cover the second part of Chapter 4…the Carb Myth.

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