“Amazing Grace,” and Ultrametabolism- Preparing for Part 2 The Seven Keys for Successful Weight Loss

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     I’ve included a video of  “Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone,” by John Newton, Chris Tomlin   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbe7OruLk8I. May the LORD richly bless you as you watch this.
Part II of Ultrametabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman:

The 7 Keys to Successful Weight Loss:

1) The first key is to control your appetite and metabolism by understanding how the brain, gut, and fat cells communicate with one another through hormones and brain messenger chemicals called neuropetides to drive your eating behavior.
2. The second key is to understand how stress makes you fat and how to overcome its effects.
3. The third key is to control inflammation,a hidden force behind weight gain and disease.
4. The fourth key is to prevent cellular “rust,” which interferes with metabolism and causes inflammation.
5. The fifth key is to learn how to turbocharge your metabolism to turn calories into energy more efficiently.
6. The sixth key is to make sure your thyroid, the master metabolism hormone is working optimally.
7. The seventh key is to detoxify your liver so it will properly metabolize sugars and fats and eliminate toxins and toxic weight. 
    These 7 keys are critical to long term sustainable weight loss.  They don’t depend on deprivation or punishment but on nourishing and caring for your body.  Dr. Hyman says this is the first comprehensive medical and clinical perspective to outline and provide a program that addresses all of the most important aspects of metabolism and weight loss.  Some of these concepts, such as inflammation and oxidative stress have never been identified as keys to weight loss. Ultrametabolism  teaches us how a comprehensive view of the entire landscape to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
   The way we live and choices we make sabotage our best intentions. Working with our bodies instead of against them we can learn to stop acting in a way that triggers a flood of molecules sweeping us down a slippery road of survival behavior designed to make us store fat. This is what Dr. Hyman promises us through Ultrametabolism.
My personal testimony is i was a skinny kid, and an athlete in college.  When i got pregnant with John Mac, i gained a LOT of weight and never thought i would struggle with my weight like i did.   After had him, i had a cascade of health issues, but never associated anything with weight gain.  I eventually lost the weight i gained pregnant when i went on a low carb diet, but the health problems persisted…in my thirties, gradually continued to gain weight no matter how healthy i ate.  When i started detoxing in the sauna, i was told i would lose weight, i didn’t and have gradually continued to gain.  
When i was on thyroid medicine, my weight stabilized  but i wasn’t able to lose. When i started seeing Dr. Soto, one of the first things i told him, was i  had gained weight and couldn’t lose weight.  He showed me the book, Ultrametabolism,, and to be honest i was a little offended.  I thought weight gain isn’t my main problem… and didn’t want him to think so:).
     As i began to read Ultrametabolism, it gave me a greater understanding of what my doctor in Dallas has been trying to help me with for years with my thyroid, adrenals, and all.  It was very freeing that it wasn’t my fault that i wasn’t losing weight.  The LORD knows i’ve been trying to eat healthy for years, not perfect, but there were some key mistakes i was missing, one was eating refined carbohydrates…albeit they were organic gluten free, but they were still refined.  Our body works best eating whole grains instead of processed, even organic, gluten free grains. I learned last year that i am close to being insulin resistant and i couldn’t understand why…i ate healthy.  The unrefined carbs are bad for our blood sugar. 
    Another thing that is clicking is the importance of getting my adrenals working right.  Dr. Katherine Henry taught me several years ago the importance of taking the proper nutrients for my adrenals, Vit. E, Panothenic Acid, (B5), Vit. C, adaptogenic herbs, and Phosphodityl Serine.  One thing i remember her telling me was the importance of going to bed every night by 10:00 p.m. something i haven’t done.  I never thought about staying up late being tied to not being able to lose weight.  If you have too much cortisol, it makes you more insulin resistant and you can’t lose weight.   My husband has been telling me to get in bed too, ladies…tough lessons in not being submissive.  High cortisol also causes your thyroid not to work right…guess what i have low thyroid.   So many keys are coming together for me.  I appreciate so much the diligent patient teaching of Dr. Katherine Henry for the past 7 years to help me, and i am thankful for Dr. Soto, and Dr. Hyman, who are continuing to help me gain a greater understanding of why i have had trouble losing weight and the other health issues i have struggled with.  Dr. William Rea,www.ehcd.com, helped me have an understanding of how pesticides and the environment affected my health, and Dr. Gus Prosch, helped me to learn about yeast problems many years ago.  There have been many great doctors and their staff, that GOD has used to help me and i am so very thankful for my loving husband who has stayed with me and worked hard to pay for this journey.  I thank GOD for this journey….it’s been long, hard, but oh so filled with GOD’s precious grace along the way…grace in the form of HIS helpers to me.  Thank you for giving to the LORD, i am a life that has been changed….
    As i continue this journey, i am excited about the healing the LORD is bringing to me, and to you.  It brings me great joy to see the “light bulb,” going off in your minds, and you getting well.
    Dr. Katherine Henry in the Dallas, Tx area, 1-972923494776 can help you with the tests Dr. Hyman orders, and Dr. Rodney Soto, here in Madison,www.holisticalabama.com can help you in our area.  
      Come and join us after CHRISTmas, at FBC, Athens at 5:00 p.m. in Rm 207 for the rest of the journey….filled with GOD’s “Amazing Grace.”
“Through many dangers, toils and snares,
   I have already come,
   Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far 
   And grace will lead me HOME.” 

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