Prescription Meds, Toxins and Violent Behavior

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Tonight i read the article below about the possible cause of the violent behavior in the young man who killed the children and adults in Connecticut.   Mike Adams put into words what i had expressed to a friend of mine earlier today…i was concerned that there were also environmental issues contributing to his violent behavior.  In this case, autism, which is often caused by heavy metals, other environmental exposures of this young man, and the drugs that were being used to control his behavior.

I am not sharing this to be insensitive to those on medication, but we need to find the root causes of what is driving behavior that is often treated by psychotropic drugs. Many times depression and anxiety can be caused by household chemicals, food allergies, heavy metals. There are many environmental causes that need to be treated through detox, nutrition, etc. Autism, which was mentioned as what this young man had, often follows vaccines, and antibiotic usage. When children are born they have over 200 chemicals in their blood from their parents. Vaccines contain aluminum and mercury that can contribute to autistic behavior. You have to get the heavy metals out of the body for the person to recover. Covering up the symptoms with drugs can lead to violent behavior. Please consider this as you read this article. Just wanted to share this with you.  Chemicals can and do make us have violent behavior.  I am normally a pretty mild mannered person but i have struggled with chemical sensitivities for years, and being around formaldehyde, perfumes, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and air fresheners can make me very irritable, very, very irritable…just ask my family.  I can’t imagine taking a prescription drug and adding that to the mix. Taking some supplements can make me very angry…things that don’t bother those who don’t have problems detoxing.  I have found great help through Environmental Drs such as Dr. William Rea,, Dallas, Tx,  Dr. Katherine Henry, Texas Institute of Integrative Medicine, Richardson, Tx, 972-234-4777, Dr. Alfred Johnson,, Richardson, Tx. Dr. Sherry Rogers,, and Dr. Rodney Soto,  All these doctors search for the cause, and try to heal the body by replacing nutrients that are missing, detoxing heavy metals,  pesticides and other chemicals, and helping the body to heal itself without covering up symptoms.  Most of our food supply is contaminated also with the food being genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides…this is another area that has to be addressed in order for our bodies to be able to heal.  A good resource about the contamination of our wheat supply is the book, Wheat Belly,  by Dr. William Davis.

   I struggled for years trying to find answers to my health issues and i’m so thankful for these doctors and other health care professionals who have dared to leave the conventional medicine world and take a lesser traveled road that is helping patients get well.  Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. David Perlmutter,  Dr. David Brownstein,  Dr. Mercola, and Dr. Mark Hyman are other trailblazing doctors you can find on the web who are helping people learn the real cause of their problems, how to get well, and how to avoid getting sick.  We are bombarded by toxins in our environment, and we have left GOD out of our schools…our sin needs to be addressed and we need to repent and put GOD back in our schools and in our society.
    Thank you for taking time to read…please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
                                                  In CHRIST,
                                                   mitzi evans

(NaturalNews) In mass shootings involving guns and mind-altering medications, politicians immediately seek to blame guns but never the medication. Nearly every mass shooting that has taken place in America over the last two decades has a link to psychiatric medication, and it appears today’s tragic event is headed in the same direction.

According to ABC News, Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter, has been labeled as having “mental illness” and a “personality disorder.” These are precisely the words typically heard in a person who is being “treated” with mind-altering psychiatric drugs.

One of the most common side effects of psychiatric drugs is violent outbursts and thoughts of suicide.

Note: The shooter was originally mid-identified as Ryan Lanza but has now been corrected to Adam Lanza.

The Columbine High School shooters were, of course, on psychiatric drugs at the time they shot their classmates in 1999. Suicidal tendencies and violent, destructive thoughts are some of the admitted behavioral side effects of mind-altering prescription medications.

No gun can, by itself, shoot anyone. It must be triggered by a person who makes a decision to use it. And while people like NY Mayor Bloomberg are predictably trying to exploit the deaths of these children to call for guns to be stripped from all law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong whatsoever, nobody calls for medication control.

Why is that? After all, medication alters the mind that controls the finger that pulls the trigger. The saying that “guns kill people” is physically impossible. People kill other people, and as we all learned from watching the O.J. Simpson trial, you don’t need a gun to commit murder.

We should be outlawing psychiatric medications, not an inanimate piece of metal

If there is to be any legitimate debate on so-called “gun control” in the aftermath of this shooting, the only idea that makes any sense at all would be to restrict gun purchases by people currently taking psychiatric medications. But even that restriction would of course be abused by the government to take guns away from perfectly healthy, law-abiding citizens who innocently seek treatment for mild depression and who honestly have no clue that psychiatric drugs can cause violent behavior.

A far better solution here would be to outlaw psychiatric drugs that cause the violent behavior in the first place. After all, if you only outlaw guns but fail to eliminate the drugs that cause the violence, people dosed up on mind-altering meds will simply find alternate weapons to commit the same acts of violence. You don’t think a crazy guy with a sword can hack up 20 or 30 kids in a school? A sword, a knife or even a pick axe can be just as deadly as a firearm.

A guy with a chain saw can do all kinds of damage if he’s out of his mind. Should we ban chain saws?

I have thought for quite some time that people on medication are dangerous operating automobiles on public roads. If driving drunk is illegal, why isn’t “driving on meds” illegal? Why are wildly medicated people allowed to operate heavy machinery?

A high-ranking police officer in Tucson, Arizona once told me, on the record, that one-third of all automobile accidents in the city of Tucson were related to medicated drivers. That’s an astonishing number, and if true, it would seem to indicate that medications are more dangerous than gunswhen it comes to the total daily body count.

Do the math: medications are far more deadly than guns

Medications kill roughly 100,000 Americans each year according to study statistics. The actual number is either 98,000 or 106,000 depending on which study you believe.

For guns to be as deadly as medications, you’d have to see a Newton-style massacre happening ten times a day, every day of the year. Only then would “gun violence” even match up to the number of deaths caused by doctor-prescribed, FDA-approved medications.

Why does America grieve for the children killed in Newton, but not for the medical victims killed by Big Pharma? Are the lives of people on medication not valuable compared to the lives of children in elementary school? Will Obama shed a tear for the victims of Big Pharma, or are his tears reserved only for politically expedient events that push his agenda of unconstitutional gun restrictions?

If our goal us to stop the violence in America, we are completely dishonest if we do not consider the mental causes of violent behavior. And that starts with mind-altering psychiatric drugs which I believe have unleashed a drug-induced epidemic of violence across our nation.

Obama, Bloomberg and others will point to guns and try to convince you that inanimate metal objects are the cause of this violence. But they lie by omission. No guns shoots itself. The trigger must be pulled by someone, and the mental state of that person is the primary cause of the resulting action. To ignore this fundamental chain of facts is brutally dishonest.

Watch the video: Proof that guns don’t kill people

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  1. One of my friends pointed out that Ryan Lanza is going to need LOTS more support than he would normally have required as, thanks to the media’s mis-identification, he lost both parents, his brother AND his reputation in a matter of mere minutes …. Yes, the healthcare system needs to be reformed!!! But that reformation shouldn’t be the monetary end of the deal …. it should be the change that finds the cure rather than treats the symptoms. And that requires money!!! Thank you for sharing this information Mitzi! ~ Vicki

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