Critical Answers for Critical Times: Ultrametabolism Class Begins This Tuesday Night

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 

Dear Friends,

   As i write, my heart is heavy with the news of yet another shooting and violent stabbing:  This time  it is not so far away, and it involves  a family of GOD who had ministered to one another and other families for many years in the next door town of Decatur, Al, and most recently in Gardendale, Al.
      I just returned from a walk around our neighborhood, and as GOD would lead me i was able to go and talk to Sherri Bassham, the wife of the Pastor of First United Methodist Church here in Athens.  Sherri and her husband were personal friends with this family, and this pastor had filled the pulpit for her husband when they were away.  Sherri told me this pastor was the most loving man, and loved his wife, and their family did everything together, and has faithfully served as a loving pastor for many years. What are the answers when a man “snaps,” shoots his wife, daughter, and then stabs himself repeatedly?    I don’t know all the answers, but we discuss issues in our class that can help us understand why these things keep repeatedly happening…over and over and over.
      So, I  wanted to remind ya’ll of our class starting back this Tuesday night….and invite you to come.  Doesn’t matter if you haven’t come before, come.  Doesn’t matter if you aren’t interested in loosing weight, come….you have other challenges this class will address.  It is a class for EVERYONE…at ALL SEASONS of LIFE.  As i was walking i asked the LORD to show me another name that might get more people interested in what we are teaching  and this thought came to me: CRITICAL ANSWERS for CRITICAL TIMES.  The knowledge we share in our class will help you, your family, your loved ones in ALL areas of life.   The most important area is a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST, the LOVER of our SOULS, WHO died that we might be healed from all our infirmities…sin being the most deadly and everlasting.  Then we are learning together how CHRIST wants to bring us healing from the toxic world we are living in.  The conventional ways of this world are literally killing us, destroying our families, and how we need JESUS to help us for such a time as this…
     This class is free to you, but has cost me, my family and many others much, pain, suffering, loss, and money and it certainly reminds me of the ultimate price that CHRIST paid to set us free from our sins…leaving HIS home in heaven, and pouring out HIS life to death for us in humiliation on a wooden cross.   The doctors who learn and share this knowledge often have had their own health destroyed by our modern way of medicine, chemicals in their environment, mold and other issues and CHRIST has had to rebuild them before they could learn how to share this knowledge with others.  They have had to give up their practices where they made lucrative money, and  because they want to help others with the help they’ve been given, make much less so others might truly be healed.  Please don’t take this opportunity for granted…others have given up so much to make this knowledge available to you.    Make this class a priority in your week, and come join us this  Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. for CRITICAL ANSWERS for CRITICAL TIMES.  Please pray for me, and pray for the Greer family and all those whose lives will be impacted by this tragic shooting and stabbing.
“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose.” Jim Elliot
Here is yet another article about the connection between psychiatric drugs and violent behavior..

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