Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life Seminar by Dr. Rodney Soto


Learn how to achieve optimal health and wellness by optimizing your
hormonal balance. Dr. Soto will discuss the individualized holistic
approach to hormonal balancing, use of synthetic versus bioidentical hormones and the biological effects of hormones.

Speaker: Rodney D. Soto, M.D.  
Date: Tuesday : February 19, 2013 6:30 p.m. CST
Location: Grille 29 445 Providence Main Street Huntsville, Alabama
Sponsor: Holistic Medical Center of Alabama
Dinner will be served
Fee: $ 25.00
RSVP by February 18 at 256-325-1648 space is limited

     Dear Friends,
             This will be another great seminar packed with such important information that so many of us need to hear because of all the chemicals, including plastics which are estrogen mimics, and  food additives that are influencing our hormones and causing everything  from foggy thinking, to sluggishness, to irritability, to weight gain, etc.  We have different challenges than our grandmothers and great grandmothers and we need to learn how to balance our hormones and get rid of the bad hormones safely.  See this article from the New York Times yesterday about the dangerous ingredients in cosmetics such as phthalates that are endocrine disruptors .
See to rate the safety of your cosmetics.  
    Suzanne Sommers said on her TV health show  that hormones are the fountain of youth.  Her doctor who worked with her after her breast cancer recovery said that using bioidentical hormones are safe and keeps us young and vibrant and sexy!  Well, may be too much information there, but wanted to perk your interest how important hormones are for us AND our husbands!  Men’s hormones decrease too, they go through andropause instead of menopause and they benefit from hormone replacement too.
    So call and make your reservation for you and your hubby, and hope to see you at Dr. Soto’s the next seminar, “Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life!” See Dr. Soto’s website for further information.

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