Ultrametabolism-“Cool The Fire of Inflammation”

Cool The Fire of Inflammation Ch.11

Ultra metabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman



Morning & Evenings – March 3rd

Treasuring Christ through the ministry and words of Charles Spurgeon


“I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.” – Isaiah 48:10

Comfort thyself, tried believer, with this thought: God said, “I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.” Does not the word come like a soft shower, assuaging the fury of the flame? Yea, is it not an asbestos armor, against which the heat hath no power? Let affliction come-God has chosen me. Poverty, thou mayst stride in at my door, but God is in the house already, and he has chosen me. Sickness, thou mayst intrude, but I have a balsam ready-God has chosen me. Whatever befalls me in this vale of tears, I know that he has “chosen” me. If, believer, thou requires still greater comfort, remember that you have the Son of Man with you in the furnace. In that silent chamber of yours, there sits by your side One whom thou hast not seen, but whom thou loves; and ofttimes when thou knows it not, he makes all thy bed in thy affliction, and smooths thy pillow for thee. Thou art in poverty; but in that lovely house of thine the Lord of life and glory is a frequent visitor. He loves to come into these desolate places, that he may visit thee. Thy friend sticks closely to thee. Thou canst not see him, but thou mayst feel the pressure of his hands. Dost thou not hear his voice? Even in the valley of the shadow of death he says, “Fear not, I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I am thy God.” Remember that noble speech of Caesar: “Fear not, thou carries Caesar and all his fortune.” Fear not, Christian; Jesus is with thee. In all thy fiery trials, his presence is both thy comfort and safety. He will never leave one whom he has chosen for his own. “Fear not, for I am with thee,” is his sure word of promise to his chosen ones in the “furnace of affliction.” Wilt thou not, then, take fast hold of Christ, and say-

“Through floods and flames, if Jesus lead,
I’ll follow where he goes.”



My grace is sufficient for thee.” – 2Corinthians 12:9

If none of God’s saints were poor and tried, we should not know half so well the consolations of divine grace. When we find the wanderer who has not where to lay his head, who yet can say, “Still will I trust in the Lord;” when we see the pauper starving on bread and water, who still glories in Jesus; when we see the bereaved widow overwhelmed in affliction, and yet having faith in Christ, oh! what honor it reflects on the gospel. God’s grace is illustrated and magnified in the poverty and trials of believers. Saints bear up under every discouragement, believing that all things work together for their good, and that out of apparent evils a real blessing shall ultimately spring-that their God will either work a deliverance for them speedily, or most assuredly support them in the trouble, as long as he is pleased to keep them in it. This patience of the saints proves the power of divine grace. There is a lighthouse out at sea: it is a calm night-I cannot tell whether the edifice is firm; the tempest must rage about it, and then I shall know whether it will stand. So with the Spirit’s work: if it were not on many occasions surrounded with tempestuous waters, we should not know that it was true and strong; if the winds did not blow upon it, we should not know how firm and secure it was. The master-works of God are those men who stand in the midst of difficulties, steadfast, unmovable,-

Calm mid the bewildering cry,
Confident of victory.”

He who would glorify his God must set his account upon meeting with many trials. No man can be illustrious before the Lord unless his conflicts be many. If then, yours be a much-tried path, rejoice in it, because you will the better show forth the all-sufficient grace of God. As for his failing you, never dream of it-hate the thought. The God who has been sufficient until now, should be trusted to the end.


A Body On Fire: The Fat-Inflammation Connection


Example of Jill in the chapter: She had one of every disease-chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, reflux, chronic sinusitis, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol level, insulin resistance, food allergies, asthma, and a rare immune deficiency disease. And she was overweight which really troubled her. She was always thin and had gained more than 43 pds during her illness, she was on a full bottle of medication a day, one pill for every ill, prescribed by numerous doctors. She had more inflammatory diseases than anyone Dr. Hyman had ever seen.

Her gut, her joints, her stomach, her sinuses, and her lungs were all inflamed. He treated all the problems for slight improvement then she would relapse again. She was at the end of her rope after months of antibiotics for chronic sinusitis, increasing weight gain, intolerable fatigue and joint pains.

Dr. Hyman advised her to go on a strict anti-inflammatory detoxification program using only low allergy rice protein, rice, and steamed vegetables and fish. She had a remarkable and dramatic recovery from all her symptoms. It was then Dr. Hyman realized that she was eliminating what they had found years before to be a problem-gluten. She had tried to eliminate it but always slowly slipped back, resulting in relapse after relapse. He told her to completely, 100 percent, no exceptions to eliminate gluten from her life for three months. She got the message. GLUTEN INTOLERANCE (from eating wheat, barley, rye, and oats) and food sensitives or allergies cause inflammation, fluid retention, and weight gain. GLUTEN is one of the most common undiagnosed causes of inflammation that promote weight gain.


The next time he saw this patient she was 35 pds lighter and completely healthy. All her inflammatory and autoimmune diseases had been caused by Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is characterized by intolerance to a grain protein called gluten, found in wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, and kamut. It is an allergic condition that affects many people though few have been diagnosed with it because it takes so many different forms, one of which is weight gain or the inability to lose weight. She had finally gotten off gluten completely and her world changed…her husband said, “Thank you for giving me my wife back.”


I wish that I could say that is true for everyone…just get off gluten and you’ll lose weight and all your health issues will disappear. Gluten insensitivity is a HUGE issue and needs to be detected and diagnosed, and if you are sensitive to it, getting off of it completely can make a HUGE difference in your life. Read WHEAT BELLY by Dr. William Davis to learn how the wheat we eat today is not the same wheat of the Bible. Our wheat has been genetically modified and changed thousands of times.


However in this gal’s case…GLUTEN was the missing link to solving her health puzzle. Many people like me have different issues that have to be addressed before complete healing comes…we have to keep praying, keep knocking, and seeking…and the LORD promises “seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given to you, knock and the door shall be opened.”


What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is part of the body’s natural defense system against infection, irritation, toxins, and other foreign molecules. A cascade of events occurs where the body’s white blood cells and cytokines mobilize to protect from foreign invaders. Sometimes the natural imbalance of the immune system, which produces just enough inflammation to keep infections, allergens, toxins, and other stresses under control, is disrupted. The immune system shifts into a chronic state of alarm or inflammation spreading a smoldering fire throughout the body. The fire in the heart causes heart disease, in the brain causes dementia and Alzheimers, in the whole body causes cancer, in the eyes causes blindness, and in our fat cells causes obesity.




Being overweight promotes inflammation and inflammation promotes obesity in a terrible vicious cycle. More than half of Americans are inflamed and most don’t know it. Getting to the root of inflammation and cooling it off is key to reducing the obesity epidemic and your own waist size.


While on one hand this inflammatory process is protective, it can go awry with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and in otherwise healthy individual who lives and environment expose them to substances the body perceives a irritants such as low grade infection from gum disease, food allergens, toxins, and inflammatory foods like sugar.


Sometimes inflammation can be obvious such as when the injured area becomes swollen, red, and warm to the touch, and sometimes it can occur much more quietly and insidiously….without any symptoms. It is emerging as a major cause of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers disease, and again in general AND it is also connected to weight gain. Inflammation is a silent killer and unless it is adequately dealt with it can have disastrous effects on your weight and health.

Anything that causes inflammation can make you gain weight, and weight gain can cause more inflammation. The most common causes of systemic inflammation is our modern diet (sugar, processed food , the high glycemia load diet most Americans are eating (process carbs that turn to sugar quickly in the body), gluten environmental allergens, infections, stress, and toxins.


It is important if we are inflamed to find the cause and reduce the inflammation, not just to lose weight but because inflammation is a major cause of all the major degenerative diseases of modern civilization: heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and cancer.



The Body’s Web: De terming the Causes of Inflammation


Medicine being divided into specialties has nothing to do with how GOD made the body to work as a whole or unit. Dr. Hyman says it was a convenience to create specialties such as endocrinology, cardiology, immunology, and so on when we knew very little about how the body works. It works like a web in which everything is connected to everything else….indeed we are fearfully and wonderfully made as the Bible says! Our body is an intricate web and each part affects every other part. Inflammation is a good example.



An unbalanced diet, a poor eating lifestyle, stress, lack of exercise, oxidation, an out of balance thyroid, and a toxic fatty liver all increase the likelihood that you will be inflamed


Diets high in trans fats also increase overall levels of inflammation as can eating too many fake foods and too many calories in general.


A diet that has a lot of processed carbs and sugars has been shown to increase inflammation powerfully. Research shows that inflammation is a main culprit leading to weight gain, especially when related to imbalances in blood sugar caused by insulin resistance or prediabetes. Insulin resistance is often set off by a diet full of processed foods and sugars. One study showed that being inflamed increased the risk of diabetes by nearly 1700 percent.


Tests for Inflammation include:

C-reactive protein (CRP) CRP is a protein found in the blood, and it’s the major marker of inflammation. It’s presence is the best indicator we have of a heightened state of inflammation in the body.



The Fire in Your Belly: Fat Cells Stoking the Flames


The fat around our middle is often the biggest source of inflammation. The fat cells ( called adipocytes ) produce hormones, such as leptin, which reduces appetite,

resistin, which makes us more insulin-resistant; and adiponictin, which makes us more insulin sensitive and lowers our blood sugar. In addition these fat cells produce the hormones estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol. They also produce inflammatorymolecules (cytokines). See Life Extension article Sept./Oct. 2012 “Turn off Inflammatory Fires of Inflammation. Our fat cells are busy controlling appetite, hormonal balances, and inflammation.


The inflammatory molecules (cytokines) produced by our fat cells wreak havoc on our metabolism by increasing inflammation, increasing our appetite, slowing fat burning and increasing stress hormones. They exist in abundance when our system is out of balance from too much stress, too much sugar, too many trans fats, or exposure to an overload of toxins, allergens, or infections. The fat around our middle, our VAT, makes a fire in our belly that spreads throughout our system by sending out these inflammatory messenger molecules throughout our body. Fire anywhere else in the body creates more fire in the belly, creating a vicious cycle of inflammation, oxidative stress, and metabolic changes that leads to weight gain and the metabolic syndrome, or prediabetes.


Bottom Line: Fat Cells promote inflammation which leads to more fat cells, which promotes more inflammation until you are very inflamed and very overweight. Getting rid of inflammation helps you lose fat, and losing fat helps you get rid of inflammation.



PPAR, The Switch for Inflammation and Weight Gain-The Link Between Your Diet and Your Genes


There are a group of receptors abundant on the nucleus of your fat and liver cells called the PPAR family (alpha, beta, and gamma). PPAR’s are tiny docking station on your cells that communicate with your DNA to turn your metabolism up or down AND they control your inflammation. Certain foods (particularly certain kinds of fats) turn on these PPAR receptors, and certain foods turn them off. They explain how inflammation causes weight gain and show us how we can use natural anti-inflammatories to lose weight.


The food you eat talks to your genes. It speaks to the PPAR family of receptors, telling them to make you lose or gain weight, cool off inflammation, or increase the fire. We need the ability to create inflammation to fight off infections or injury and the ability to reduce inflammation. The balance is the key to our health.


One of the inflammatory molecules produced by our fats cells when we eat too much sugar, trans fats or too many calories is called tumor necrosis factor alpha. This binds and blocks the PPAR’s insides our cells. This inflammatory molecule slows our metabolism, makes our body resistant to the effects of insulin, and causes weight gain. Eating poor quality food (sugar, trans fats, processed foods) triggers our body to release inflammatory messages that prevent critical parts of our metabolic system from working, crippling our metabolism and causing us to gain weight.


Recent research has shown that some of the same food that aid in weight loss (omega 3 fats found in fish and flaxseed oil and vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients ) also inhibit inflammation.





Drugs or Food? Working Against or with the Body


Enormous Amounts of Money being spent to find new drugs that will turn PPAR receptors on and off thus creating a “magic” weight loss pill. A new class of drugs called TZDs (thiazolidinediones) are used for diabetes to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation has promise.

The focus, as usual is on a synthetic compound that will interfere with the body’s function in some way. Medical researches belove drugs are the only weapons again disease, so these are the only tools being researched when food or lifestyle or natural products can be more effective.


Drugs are not the solution. PPAR receptors were not put in our cells so one day a drug company could make billions of dollars by funding a molecule that turns them on. They were put there by design (by GOD my words) to regulate our energy metabolism using signals we were exposed to every day: food and exercise! Fish oil binds to PPAR receptors to do the same thing these drugs are trying to do, and it does it better than the medication and at a substantially reduced cost (a TZD drug costs $164.00 a month a bottle of fish oil pills 10-20 dollars.


Recent research in the British Medical Journal showed a “polymeal” was better than a “polypill.”

The polypill consisted of giving everyone a combination pill of low dose aspiring, a statin, a beta-blocker, an ace inhibitor, and folic acid significantly reduced heart disease.

The “polymeal” was even better at reducing heart disease according to the research: 4 oz. Wild fish, 5 oz of red wine, 3.5 oz. Of dark chocolate, 2.5 oz. Of almonds, 2 2/3 apples and 1 clove of garlic a day could reduce all heart disease by 75 percent and increase life expectancy by seven years by sending the right messages to your genes and there are no side effects!


Drugs Have Side Effects: Food Does Not


Have you read the package insert that comes with prescription meds?Makes you wonder what is worse…the existing condition or the possible side effects from ingesting “the cure.” There will always be physiological consequences from taking a drug. Medical and pharmacology schools instill in their students early on that, whether obvious side effects appear or not, all medications are TOXIC to the body to varying degrees and often result in unintended consequences.


Medications do have a role in medicine, but they should be the Last resort in treating disease, not the first. Drugs block or interfere with our biology, or metabolic pathways in some way. These are ANTI drugs, the inhibitors, blockers, antiinflammatories, antidepressants, antibiotics, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, and so on. They are designed to work not with the body but against it and therefore have significant potential side effects and risks.


First question should not be, “What is the best drug for this problem” but how was the body designed (by GOD) and how can I work with it to help return it to a state of balance and optimal function? (GOD designed) the body brilliantly to function well when all the right ingredients are provided. Our genes receive message from the environment every moment. Food and the molecules contained in food contain all the information to switch on genes that restore normal functioning-without any side effects. Special messages in food act on the same places in your cells as medication, but instead of blocking something, they facilitate normal physiology and turn messages that restore balance and health and optimal metabolism on or off.



Next week we will learn how to turn off inflammation in the second part of Ch. 11, “Cool the Fire of Inflammation.” 

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