Top Health Articles I Read This Week

Dear Friends,

Well, i can guarantee you i can get lost reading these articles…there is so much great information just on Facebook!   Everyday the LORD leads me to new sites that have such great information to help you and your family avoid the “mine fields” out there that are waiting to destroy your health and your kids. My very favorite site on FB is The Farmacy, then the Healthy Home Economist, Thinking Moms Revolution, Weston A. Price Foundation and a friend told me about, Kelly the Kitchen Kop today:).  There are SO many good sites on FB and many of them are connected to one another.  The Village Network is one that connects many, many sites….

  1. Thinking Mom’s Revolution-How I Gave My Son Autisim -out of all the articles i read this week, this one impacted me the most.  I am this child who has been working for most of my adult life to overcome the effects of the environment i was born into and these children are all around us.  These week the CDC announced that 1 out of every 50 children are affected by some kind of autism spectrum disorder…one out of 50!  I hope you will take time to read this and help you to understand more what is making our children and adults sick. –

2.  One out of every 50 children affected by some kind of autisic spectrum disorder….

Thinking Mom's Revolution Book

3. Commonly Prescribed Antibiotic Implicated in Autism

4. The Unknown Dangers of Antibiotics 

Autism-perfectly healthy


5. The-7-Most-Prescribed-Drugs-In-The-World-And-Their-Natural-Counterparts

Prescription drugs vs. natural foods


3. Sally Fallon Morrell discusses the Paleo diet versus eating organic, soaked grains, raw milk…good information

Nourishing Traditions Baby

Get Sally’s latest book to help raise healthy children and avoid the dangers that are making our children sick….

6. IUD Is the Health Risk Worth the Benefits?

7.  Getting Off the Birth Control Pill-Now What?


Snuggle, Fabric Softener

When i came home from the Environmental Health Clinic in Dallas, Texas ( the first time, my husband had purchased some liquid Downy fabric softener while i was away detoxing my body from chemicals.  Unbeknownst to me, the fabric softener which we never used before, had spilled in the laundry room.  I turned into a very agitated and angry person just from the small amount of the chemicals that was in the air from the fabric softeners….this picture helped me understand why.  I hope you’ll stay away from fabric softener or use natural softeners…i think 7th Generation puts out a natural one.

Hope you can take time to read some of these articles…so many sites out there to help us!  GOD is so  good! Don’t forget our class this Tuesday night at our house at 6:30 p.m. where will be studying about oxidative stress in our Ultrametabolism Class…hope to see you there!    Love,mitzi

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