Ultrametabolism, Ch. 12 Prevent Oxidative Stress or “Rust” -Keeping the Free Radicals from Taking Over

Ultrametabolism, Ch. 12  “Prevent Oxidative Stress or “Rust”  Keeping the Free Radicals from Taking Over…

In this chapter we learn what free radicals are and how antioxidants work to keep them from getting out of control to cause “rust” and illness in our body, but first is our devotion.  This class is part of our discipleship training union at First Baptist Athens, and we filter all we learn through the lens of Scripture.  We would love for you to join if you can, but if not, we’re glad you’ve joined us through the internet.


Streams In the Desert for March 22

“And when forty years were expired, there appeared to him in the wilderness of Mount Sinai an angel of the Lord in a flame of fire in a bush….saying….I have seen the affliction of my people which is in Egypt, and I have heard their groaning, and am come down to deliver them. And now come, I will send thee into Egypt.”(Acts 7:30, 31, 34.)

THAT was a long wait in preparation for a great mission. When God delays, He is not inactive. He is getting ready His instruments, he is ripening our powers; and at the appointed moment we shall arise equal to our task. Even Jesus of Nazareth was thirty years in privacy, growing in wisdom before he began His work. — Dr. Jowett.

God is never in a hurry but spends years with those He expects to greatly use. he never thinks the days of preparation too long or too dull.

The hardest ingredient in suffering is often time. A short, sharp pang is easily borne, but when a sorrow drags its weary way through long, monotonous years, and day after day returns with the same dull routine of hopeless agony, the heart loses its strength, and without the grace of God, is sure to sink into the very sullenness of despair. Joseph’s was a long trial, and God often has to burn his lessons into the depths of our being by the fires of protracted pain. “He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver,” but He knows how long, and like a true goldsmith He stops the fires the moment He sees His image in the glowing metal. We may not see now the outcome of the beautiful plan which God is hiding in the shadow of His hand; it yet may be long concealed; but faith may be sure that He is sitting on the throne, calmly waiting the hour when, with adoring rapture, we shall say, “All things have worked together for good.” Like Joseph, let us be more careful to learn all the lessons in the school of sorrow than we are anxious for the hour of deliverance. There is a “need-be” for every lesson, and when we are ready, our deliverance will surely come, and we shall find that we could not have stood in our place of higher service without the very things that were taught us in the ordeal. God is educating us for the future, for higher service and nobler blessings; and if we have the qualities that fit us for a throne, nothing can keep us from it when God’s time has come. Don’t steal tomorrow out of God’s hands. Give God time to speak to you and reveal His will. he is never too late; learn to wait.

— Selected.

“He never comes too late; He knoweth what is best; Vex not thyself in vain; until He cometh─REST.”

Do not run impetuously before the Lord; learn to wait His time: the minute-hand as well as the hour-hand must point the exact moment for action.

As we celebrate Easter this weekend and reflect on the death of our LORD JESUS CHRIST for our sins, and HIS resurrection,  i hope you can take time to watch this powerful video…. praise GOD for HIS wonderful love for us!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6otVXSD_3M “ His Life for Mine”

Ultrametabolism Ch. 12
Finding the Source of Rusting-the example Dr. Hyman gave in our book was that of lady in her mid 40’s who apart from premature menopause and bone loss, was otherwise healthy. She went through the stress of a divorce and became mildly depressed. The doctors put her on Prozac and she couldn’t tolerate it so they worked with her on alternatives. Shortly after her divorce she moved into a new house and that is when things went haywire. She developed chronic fatigue and low thyroid function and gained more and more weight until she was at least 60 pounds heavier than when he first met her. Despite exercising and trying to eat well, her liver became fatty, her blood sugar, insulin, and cholesterol levels went way up, and her stress hormones soared…she went on disability as a teacher. Her tests showed many things, including a high level of oxidative stress or “rusting,” shown by the blood and urine tests for rancid fats and damaged DNA.

This rusting wreaks havoc on the metabolism, primarily through cell damage. They couldn’t get hers under control. Things went downhill…they treated her for food allergies, got rid of the mercury in her system, tried antioxidants and many supplements. Then when her daughter got juvenile arthritis and got better when they went on vacation, they realized something in her environment was making her sick.

They checked for mold and hit the jack pot! They found antibodies to the exact same mold in her blood, as well as antibodies to the mold toxins. Her body was repeatedly trying to fight off these toxins, and these efforts increased oxidative stress, inflamed her liver and her body as a whole and led to weight gain because they damaged the weigh control centers in her brain.

She moved, most of her symptoms improved, and she finally lost forty-three pounds over four months.

There are also other things besides mold in our homes that are making us sick…http://www.everydayexposures.com/ is a website that lists multiple chemicals in our environment that make us sick. A new house alone, without any new furnishings, is loaded with formaldehyde and all sorts of chemicals unless you build it using safe materials. The Healthy House by John Bower, www.amazon.com is a good resource for helping to build a less toxic home.

Rusting Leads to Weight Gain

Free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROSs) are taking over. That’s why we are gaining weight. Free radicals cause a condition called oxidative stress, or oxidation. Oxidation we can relate to is commonly seen as the rusting of a car or a sliced apple turning brown. It is responsible for the wrinkles on your face exposed to too much sunlight over the years. Rust not only exists in the outside world but we actually rust on the inside. This contributes to impaired metabolism, weight gain, and aging. Think of oxidation as wrinkles on the inside.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction found everywhere in nature. When it runs out of control is when we get into trouble. When something is oxidized, it is damaged by oxygen but not the form of oxygen we breathe which is O2 oxygen. Oxygenation is caused by a lonely form of oxygen called just O.

Dr. Hyman gave a good illustration to help us understand oxygenation. Oxygen molecules like to be paired. They like to have 2 electrons. Free radicals are a form of oxygen that only has one oxygen molecule so they run around your body looking for an electron to steal from another molecule-sort of like stealing someone’s spouse. The molecule that it borrowed an electron from is damaged or oxidized. So then the damaged molecule runs around looking to find an electron to steal. This process leaves a wake of destruction in its path-damaged DNA, damaged cell membranes, rancid cholesterol, stiff arteries that look like rusty pipes, and wrinkles. Oxidized tissues and cells don’t function normally. Part of the malfunction is the promotion of weight gain and a damaged metabolism.

Here is a list of symptoms common to people who are dealing with a high level of oxidation:

  • fatigue
  • poor mental function and cognition
  • lowered resistance to infection (perhaps frequent colds or sins infections)
  • muscle weakness
  • muscle and joint pains
  • digestive problems (reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers)
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • headaches
  • hypoglycemia (low blood sugar-dizziness, anxiety, sweating, nausea
  • allergies
  • irritability
  • dizziness

Oxidation is balanced by antioxidants in a process called reduction. Antioxidants whether obtained from diet or supplements, or those produced naturally in the body,reduce the number of free radicals, curbing damage to your cells and metabolism.

Antioxidants 2


Reducing oxidizing molecules in your body will make you healthier, reduce your weight, and wrinkles. The dietary balance between antioxidants (found primarily in colorful plant foods and supplements) and oxidants ( produced mostly by nutrient poor, refined, and processed foods with too many calories such as soft drinks and baked goods) ultimately controls the whole process of aging and chronic disease, including weight and metabolism.

Why Free Radical Are Taking Over

Most of the oxidation of free radicals occurs during the natural process of metabolism, turning calories or energy from food and oxygen from the air into energy usable by the body. The is normal and normally limited because we historically ate food full of antioxidants, such as berries and nuts.

Now we exist on large quantities of food consisting of empty calories…they are called empty because they contain no antioxidants or nutrients.

This balance between oxidants and antioxidants is central to heal because it controls many cellular messages, including the ones related to weight. Antioxidants protect us against weight loss, inflammation or free radicals and diabetes; oxidants or free radicals trigger a cascade that leads gene messages to be turned on that promotes weight gain, slows metabolism, increase inflammation, and causes diabetes.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The single most important controllable factor regulating the oxidative stress in our body is our diet. Consuming too many calories and not enough antioxidants from colorful plant foods results in too many free radicals.

We are in trouble with free radicals for two reasons:

  1. We eat a diet that has too many empty calories and not enough antioxidants
  2. Our reduced nutrient intake in the form of vitamins and minerals limits our ability to make our own antioxidants, which need zinc and selenium to function properly.

Ways to Increase the Amount of Antioxidants in Our Bodies:


Step One: Eliminate the Cause of Oxidation

  • avoid overeating -this creates more exhaust that is made in the mitochondria…GOD made our bodies to be able to handle this, but we get easily overwhelmed and aren’t able to handle all the exhaust
  • avoid charbroiled foods…these foods contain hydrocarbons that generate more free radicals in the body
  • avoid excess sugar and refined carbohydrates-empty calories, they burn hotter and generate more free radicals
  • avoid alcohol- (I say do this to protect your witness for CHRIST) but the health reason is it can increase free radicals.
  • Reduce exposure to toxins and petrochemicals (in plastic storage containers, tap water, and pesticides) and heavy metals (such as contaminated fish)., car exhaust, cigarette smoke, ? Drink filtered water, eat organic food, fruits, vegetables, and animal products raised without hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.
  • Minimize exposure to ionizing radiation-includes UV radiation from excess sun exposure (we need some some exposure to get Vit. D, ), x-rays, and radon-you can get kits to test your house for radon…one place to order is www.aehf.com
  • reduce exposure to tobacco smoke (first or secondhand)-cigarette smoke has more than 4000 toxic chemicals that lead to accelerated oxidative stress.
  • Reduce air pollutants-place HEPA filters in your home. I love the GT 3000 I got from Dr. Henry, and I have a friend who also sells the Austin Air Filters which we have too. Air filters make a ton of difference. My friend was struggling to stay in her home and bought an air filter from Dr. Henry and it has made all the difference in the world…she is able to stay and sleep comfortably in her home. 

Someone in class mentioned certain plants help to clean the air in your home…below are some of the plants.

Breath of Fresh Air

  • Avoid Excessive or insufficient exercise-more than 60 minutes a day exercising vigorously is usually considered excessive, less than 30 minutes five times a week isn’t enough.
  • Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night…sleep deprivation increases stress, and stress increases oxidative stress, promoting weight gain, among other things
  • Treat Chronic Infections-hidden or chronic infections promote oxidative stress
  • Reduce internal sources of oxidative stress- processed foods, high hypoglycemic foods, too many calories, and abnormal levels of gut bacteria are all forms of oxidative stress.
  • Improve your liver and gut detoxification-ch. 14. If the liver is overloaded with toxins from food (too much sugar or trans fats) or toxins from the environment such as pesticides or mercury, it becomes inflamed and produces more free radicals. Loving your liver is key to keeping the free radicals under control.
  • Reduce your exposure to fungal toxins-environmental and internal molds and fungi. Many people work in sick building or have moldy basements or bathrooms. The molds produce toxins that increase oxidative stress and free radicals in our bodies. Important to identify environmental sources of mold. Www.aehf has mold plates you can order to see if you have mold in your home or business
  • Reduce Stress-cortisol and stress both increase inflammation. Any kind of stress heat or cold, injury or trauma, over or under exercise, and psychological stress all generate the same response: inflammation and oxidation
  • Improve your breathing and oxygenation-provide more oxygen to your tissues and cells through deep breathing. Bringing more oxygen to the tissues through deep breathing, you can flush out toxins and damaging free radicals and inflammatory molecules from your body.

Breathing Exercises

2.Eat Foods That Reduce Rusting and Avoid Foods that Cause it:

Dietary antioxidants (vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and phytonutrients) are the major factors that protect our cells from excess oxidative damage and impaired metabolism. Nutrient poor diets signal to the cell messengers to gain weight. If you are rusting, you are also gaining weight.

To reduce oxidative stress, begin by increasing colorful plant foods, rich in phytonutrients such as flavonoids and polyphenols found in teas, cocoa…resveratol.

Your plate should look like and impressionist painting full of blues, greens, reds, yellows and purple. This is the best way to fight rust and stay healthy over the long term.


Make sure you are eating good carbs ( organic,whole non GMO) with a high PI that come from whole, unprocessed, fresh plant foods.

Step 3. Use Herbs to Reduce Oxidation

  • ginkgo
  • ginger
  • green tea polyphenols
  • pycnogenol or grape seed extract
  • milk thistle
  • rosemary
  • turmeric

Step 4. Use Supplements to Reduce Oxidation

  • Reduced glutathione, the major antioxidant and detoxifier in our body
  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) an amino acid that boosts our own glutathione production
  • Alpha lipoic acid-a super antioxidant that helps reduce blood sugar and improve energy production in the mitochondria
  • Coenzyme Q 10, an antioxidant and key part of the energy production in the mitochondria
  • NADH, part of the energy production cycle in the mitochondria

Step 5. Testing for Oxidation in Your Body-physical

Lipid Peroxides in Urine or Serum

Urinary 8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine Test

Assessment of Iron Overload

Blood Test for Antioxidant levels

Reduced Rust =Reduced Weight


Oxidation is a natural process, both within your body and everywhere in nature

When oxidation goes awry, damage is done to your cells that contributes to rapid against, disease, and weight gain.


2 thoughts on “Ultrametabolism, Ch. 12 Prevent Oxidative Stress or “Rust” -Keeping the Free Radicals from Taking Over

  1. This is the perfect webpage for everyone who really wants to understand this topic.
    You realize a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally will need
    to…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject that has been written about for years.
    Excellent stuff, just excellent!

    • Thank you for your kind words but I have to defer to Dr. Mark Hyman who wrote the book Ultrametabolism. At the time I shared these comments we were studying his book and I simply took the information from his book, hopefully documenting it properly and giving him the credit due him.
      I am do glad the information was helpful to you. Thank you so much for your recommendation. I hope in the future to be able to write more. Due to health challenges I’ve had to take some time off.

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