Top Health Articles I Read This Week

1,Real  Cures for Depression and Anxiety,  Russell Blaylock MD

2. Left Hanging...Suicides that are being caused by drugs  for depression and other disorders. ://

3.  “Hear The Silence” Dr. Andrew Wakefield Drama about A Mother’s Journey to Discover what Caused Her Child to be Autistic. You Got to Watch This!  I felt like i was watching my own journey as i tried to find answers to my similar problems.

4.Pharmageddon, New Book By Dr. David Healy, how the drug companies are deceiving us and the drugs are making us sick and killing us.

5. Poison in the Grass-this is an old article but it’s informaton is so appropriate for our  da when we are poisoning ourselves, neighbors and pets with lawn chemicals. There are safer ways to make your yard pretty, and safe without using harsh chemicals. In our area we have the Turf Doctor, who is a biological company who treats the soil to make it healthy without using too many harsh chemicals..

6. Environmental Working Guide to Household Cleaners: This was a huge surprise to me as i checked on the Seventh Generation Dishwashing Liquid, Dishwasher Gel, and Laundry Det i used and found they didn’t fair well.  The powders are safe apparently but not the gel and liquid.

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