Detoxify or Die Seminar April 23rd with Dr. Rodney Soto

Dr. Soto, Detoxify or Die

Mark your calendar and make your reservation for this upcoming seminar with Dr. Rodney Soto on Tuesday, April 23rd! I can’t encourage you enough to go and learn the toxins in our environment, including our food, pesticides, heavy metals andconventional medicines that are making us sick. Learn how to detoxify your body and replace vital nutrients in a systematic way to regain your health. Dr. Soto is board certified in General Neurology and Vascular Neurology. He specializes in the treatment and prevention of cerebrovascular disorders and is very knowledgeable about neurodegenerative diseases of the nervous system. He has served as the medical Director of the UAB stroke center in Birmingham, AL and the Regional Stroke Center at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, FL. For further information about Dr. Soto see

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