Top Health Articles This Week

Dear Friends…just seems like i can’t read enough about autism and how vaccines seem to be the pulling the trigger on so many of these cases…now the stats are 1 in 50 children are affected by some type of autism spectrum disorder.  For boys that stat is like 1 in 38.  That is incredible!  As the number of vaccines go up, so do the number of children and lives and families affected with these very debilitating disorders…several articles this week are along that line.

Do you trust the CDC  This is explaining how ridiculous the recent study was by the CDC claiming  there wasn’t a link between autism and vaccines.

United States Gives Children Most Vaccines  This is an excellent article incorporating several links about the recent CDC study claiming there  wasn’t a link between autism and vaccines.  Hope you can take time to read this one.

Giving all the doses Can’t believe they want to vaccinate children for anthrax now…what next?

peroxide/  My Mom used to use hydrogen peroxide for me when my ear hurt…their are LOTS of great uses for hydrogen peroxide…great info!  “An (organic)  apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Great info on benefits of apples. Unfortunately, i read recently where organic apples and pears are often sprayed with antibiotics….get a tree grow your own!  I have an apple tree in my front yard and wow did it ever produce the apples this past year!  Check out your cleaning supplies and personal care products to see how safe they are for you and your family.  This is really sad…how many of our soldiers are on psychiatric drugs and are killing themselves.  This article shows the Connecticut shooter had some kind of autistic problems and was medicated since 10…are you starting to see the link here between violent behavior, medication, vaccines….???


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