Top Health Stories I Read This Week

1. The Hairbrush Story by Beth Moore.  You may not exactly see how this is related to health, but it is…I was so blessed when i watched it this morning and wanted to share it with you…hope you will take time to watch! 

2.– A blog written last year on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, relating it to how our children are sinking and suffering because of vaccines. Image

3.  Really good article about Vaccine Myths

4.…So glad to know this since i’m a drummer and i need all the help i can get with my immune system and adrenals, etc!

Three Great Opportunities to Shop at Farmer’s Markets!!!Image

5.  Athens Saturday Market “Movie”  Night Coming Up on May 18…”Eat Alabama”.  Athens is getting a Farmers Market where you can get Free Range Eggs, Grass Fed Beef, Organic Fruit and Veggies, Live Music and more…the market is set to open on June 1.  Go to their FB page, “Athens Saturday Market,” for more info and come out and learn about the market at the Pavillion on Green St on May 18.  

6. Madison City Farmers Market their opening day today and it was covered up…the most people they have ever had!  Come out on Saturday mornings from 8-12 for grass fed beef, chickens, raw butter, milk, veggies, fruits and more! Check them out on FB!

7. Green St. Market at the Nativity opens May 2.  Check out their page on FB too. This market is from 4-8 on Thursday evenings in downtown Huntsville.  It is awesome too…with lots of the same vendors as Madison City and others too.  Great family atmosphere, live music, cooking and demonstrations on site,  fresh homemade bread, veggies, grass fed meat, raw butter, free range eggs, etc. 


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