“The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care” Introduction

Introduction to Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care

Devotion from the Writings of Elisabeth Elliot, www.elisabethelliot.org

As always, we began our classes with a devotion about some aspect of living the CHRISTian life as godly women.   In this class we are going to take our devotions or spiritual encouragement from the writings of Elisabeth Elliot,  who has been such a godly mentor to me through her books,  writings, and radio show that was on “Back to the Bible” for 13 years.  GOD used Elisabeth Elliot, along with other spiritual Mothers to encourage me, and help me navigate through the trials and tribulations of being a wife, mom, sufferer, and above all a child of the KING.  I hope you are blessed and enjoy her writings as much as i do.  In our class Tuesday night we also sang a hymn, as Elisabeth Elliot said her family did every morning during family devotions before they all rushed off to work and school, except for her Mom who was a homemaker…for more about her upbringing in her family, read her book, The Shaping of a CHRISTian Family,one of my favorites.

Elisabeth Elliot devotion, The Call To Spiritual Motherhood



THE Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care Introduction

The appearance of published advice on raising children, starting in the 18th century signaled a profound change in western life, one in which the scientific counsel of experts replaced the wisdom of elders, and the instincts of parents and grandparents.


Early child rearing literature from Britain and England displays a distinctly moralistic tone. The writers – who tended to be physicians or ministers-linked child rearing practices with future behavior and character. Is this not our heart, first of all to raise godly children and grandchildren who love CHRIST with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength, and love others as their self? And then to raise healthy children, with even temperaments, who are able to focus, concentrate, work hard, play hard, and bear much fruit for CHRIST. We know that as Christians, that GOD works all things together for good, and some of you here, have children who have some challenges, just as I do. Yes, GOD can use these health challenges as Charles Spurgeon  said to bring great glory to HIMself, and I praise HIM that HE does. GOD also says, that my people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6 Our children are perishing today because of the “lack of knowledge,” on the parts of parents who aren’t educated about today’s foods that are laden with GMO’s, pesticides,  lack of nutrition, vaccinations, toxins in our home, www.everydayexposures.com and yards, and where our children attend school and church, and even treatments such as antibiotics, steroids, and other pharmaceuticals  that can have long time health effects. We are truly living in a sea of chemicals and this study will help us navigate our path through these landmines of challenges to our health and our children.


This book really focuses on nutrition and outside influences that affect our children’s health…which indeed affects their behavior. When Johnny and I were younger we had the privilege of leading parenting classes by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo, www.gfi.org. These classes, beginning at infancy helped train us as parents to train our children when to eat, sleep, wake…and this ultimately led to a more self disciplined child who was able to control their impulses instead of expecting to be catered to at their every whelm. They learned from the very beginning that they were a welcome member of the family. The universe didn’t revolve around them and that GOD was first and Mom and Dad were the priority relationship in their family, and the children were welcome members. These are excellent parenting resources and I can’t recommend them enough to train your children to love CHRIST, to love and respect their parents, and others, and how to have high morals and behavior grounded in the WORD of GOD.


The Nourishing Book of Baby and Child Care augments or compliments great biblical training. It is most important to make sure our children are being nurtured by great nutrition and the other recommendations in this book so they will be able to have self control, even tempers, be able to focus, and fulfill all the aspirations we have for them as parents and that GOD has for them when HE created them.


Sadly, we are living in a day and time where there are very real “time bombs,” that are compromising the health of our children. One of the first things we will study in this book is the importance of the prospective mom and Dad to make sure she is getting the proper nutrition,before they conceive. Dr. Sherry Rodgers, www.prestigepublishing.com recommends Mom’s and Dad’s detoxing for a year before they conceive.

 We will be studying breastfeeding, and you can imagine if Mom is toxic, or malnourished, then that milk baby is getting is going to pass the chemicals right along to baby, or the milk won’t be as nutritious as it should be to help baby get a great start. Dr. Rogers shares in her book, Detoxify or Die, that babies now are born with over 2oo chemicals in their umbilical cords! That’s coming from us as parents….we will also consider different baby formula’s, and what we have to be careful about with those…soy formulas contain phytoestrogens that are causing our children go through puberty at alarming earlier ages and femininizing our boys.


In the  book , The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care by Sally Fallon Morell and Thomas S. Cowan Md.  it talks about the bitter legacy of Dr. Spock and how he was the first child rearing “expert”to endorse processed food for babies, including processed ingredients for infant formula. He was also the first to talk against dietary fats for growing children. Dr. Spock was the first to cause us to fear animal fat in infant feeding. He specifically warned against raw milk, and suggested pouring off some of the cream. He said that “milk was easier to digest when it had no cream in it.” Dr. Spock introduced empty calories early as orange juice (fresh, frozen, or canned) or sugar water given in a bottle. The best weaning food for baby he recommended was cereal, which came before fruits, vegetables, egg yolk and meat.


Dr. Spock didn’t mention butter on veggies which are important to help baby absorb his minerals…he recommended babies transitioning to pasteurized milk at nine months. He even recommended evaporated milk!


Dr. Spock devoted a large part of his book to dealing with misbehavior in children-anger, jealousy, whining, tantrums and disobedience-which even the best “firm and friendly” parenting skills have difficulty solving in the malnourished child on a blood-sugar roller coaster….Nutrition and Behavior Video by Dr. Blaylock.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1g9YWib4mk


This book will be teaching us how important vitamins and minerals and fats and oils are not only for physical health, but for brain development, behavior and emotional development. We will be learning what makes up a healthy diet.


The Enduring Observations of Weston A. Price


In 1945 a dentist by the name of Weston A. Price published a book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He was well known and well respected in his field. In Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Price describes a series of unique investigations over the course of 10 years. Price was troubled as he looked into the mouths of his patients as most of his adults clients had rapid rampant decay and often accompanied by serious problems elsewhere in the body such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, intestinal complaints and fatigue.

He was even more concerned over the development of the teeth in his younger patients. Most often they were crowded and crooked and becoming more and more common, along with what Price called “facial deformities,” overbites, narrowed faces, underdevelopment of the nose, lack of well-defined cheekbones and pinched nostrils. These children suffered from complaints that sound like our kids today-frequent infections, allergies, anemia, asthma, poor vision, lack of coordination, fatigue, learning disorders and behavioral problems-and their lack of physical attractiveness made them unhappy.


Price didn’t believe that “physical degeneration” was mankind’s natural state. He believed we were intended to have physical perfection and children should grow up free of ailments.


Price traveled to various isolated parts of the world where the inhabitants had no contact with “civilization” to study their health and physical development. He traveled to isolated Swiss villages, a windswept island off the coast of Scotland. He studied traditional Eskimos, Indian tribes in Canada and the Florida Everglades, South Sea Islanders, Aborigines in Australia, Maoris in New Zealand, Peruvian and Amazonian Indians and tribesmen in Africa.


He took a camera with him and to make a permanent record of the people he studied. The pictures he took and observations he made are in Nutrition and Physical Degradation and you can order that from Amazon.com.


Price found virtually every tribe or village he went the individual showed genuine physical perfection. Tooth decay was rare, and dental crowding and occlusions-the kind of problems that keep American orthodontists in yachts and vacation homes-nonexistent. He took photographs of beautiful smiles, and noted how cheerful and optimistic the natives were. The people were characterized by “splendid physical development” and an almost complete absence of disease, even those living in physical environments that were extremely harsh.



He described the children and babies as robust, healthy, alert, and curious. Primitive villages life was rarely interrupted by the sound of a child crying. The cheerful optimism of young and old impressed him. The parents didn’t need advice on dealing with anger, tantrums, whining and destructive conduct because these types of behaviors didn’t exist. When every individual was attractive, well formed and healthy, jealously was rarely an issue. Price concluded that what his contemporaries referred to as “defects in moral character” weren’t the result of poor parenting skills or bad genetics but poor nutrition. 


When Price visited tribes who had come in contact with traders or missionaries and abandoned their traditional diet for food available in newly established stores-sugar, refined grains, canned foods, condensed and pasteurized milk, devitalized fats and oils, he found rampant tooth decay, infections illness and degenerative conditions. Children born to parents who had adopted the so called civilized diet had crowded and crooked teeth, narrowed faces, deformities of bone structure and reduced immunity to disease.


Price found that the foods that allow people of every race and every climate to be healthy are nutrient-dense natural foods-meat with its fat and especially organ meats, whole unprocessed milk products from grass fed animals, fish, shellfish, insects, whole grains, tubers, vegetables and fruit-not newfangled concoctions made with white sugar, refined flour processed milk and rancid, chemically altered vegetable oils-not puddings, fruit juice, sugar water and condensed milk.


He found that the diets of healthy peoples contained at least four times more minerals and water soluble vitamins- Vit. C and B complex than the diet of modernized peoples. Price found that healthy native groups contained at least 10 times more vitamin A and vitamin D than the diet of modernized peoples! These vitamins are only found in animal fats-butter , lard, egg yolks, fish liver oils-and foods with fat-rich cellular membranes like liver and other organ meats, fish eggs and shell fish.


Price referred to the fat-soluble vitamins as “catalysts” or “activators” upon which the assimilation of all the other nutrients depend-proteins, minerals and vitamins. Without the dietary factors found in animal fats, all the other nutrients largely go to waste.


An even more powerful fat-soluble vitamin than vitamins A and D is what he called Activator X…the foods they considered so important for fertility and growth-fish liver oil, fish eggs, organ meats and the deep yellow spring and fall butter from cows eating rapidly growing green grass. He found the actions of “high-vitamin” spring and fall butter was nothing short of magical, especially when small doses of cod liver oil were part of the diet.

Now we know that “Activator X is vitamin K2, the animal form of K2.


Modern science has discovered that vitamin K:

  • activates cells to produce proteins after signaling by Vitamins A and D
  • plays an important role in reproduction
  • infant growth,
  • facial structure
  • mineral utilization,
  • bone density
  • protection from cavities
  • protection from fatigue
  • sports mental development and neurological health
  • protects from accumulation of plaque
  • supports energy production



Price cured a boy of seizures with a combination of cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil.



The brain contains one of highest concentrations of Vit. K where it’s involved in the myelin sheath of nerve cells, contributing to learning capacity; and vitamin K2 is involved in the synthesis of lipids called sulfatides in the brain, the absence of which induces seizures.


A specific sign of vitamin K, deficiency is a “sunken in” structure of cheeks and nose, the underdevelopment of the middle third of the face.



Modern Advice

Unfortunately the modern world has largely ignored or even ridiculed the findings of Dr. Weston Price. Formula feeding and canned baby food have become the foods of choice for infants, and lowfat diets for children are enshrined as national policy. Most infant books on feeding warn that Vit A is toxic, and D must be obtained through a supplement. Vit. K so necessary for growth, bone density and mental development is rarely mentioned.


Medical establishments wholesale acceptance of soy foods is serious and dangerous…putting the soy fed generation at risk for nutrient deficiencies, growth problems, digestive disorders, learning disorders, hormonal disturbances and infertility.



Another obsession with modern child rearing “experts” is germs and it’s counterproductive. We now know that beneficial bacteria in our gut supports good health in many ways: They help digest our food, prevent absorption of toxins and heavy metals like mercury, they keep the few species of harmful bacteria at bay, they support the immune system, produce vital nutrients and play a role in the production of feel good chemicals.


Creating the necessary conditions for the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and through good nutrition, should be a key goal for todays parents.


The practice of vaccination: Todays child receives over three dozen shots before entering school, starting with day one after birth. Vaccines carry a load of neurotoxins including mercury and aluminum, and interfere with the development of natural immunity. Modern baby books don’t prepare parents for the tragedy of serious disease; and when disease occurs, they insist that nothing can be done, the cause is “genes,” or germs against which we are helpless.


Modern parents tend to be anxious hesitant and distrustful of the natural world; clearing baby’s path with antibacterial wipes; slathering on sunscreen before dressing their children ( just in case they might be exposed to the sun) clamoring for strong drugs including antibiotics at the first sign of a sniffle, vaccination against every possible illness, trundling their youngsters off to lessons, sports and preschool. In short they focus on everything but what children need most from their parents: good nutrition provided in an atmosphere of freedom to develop, balanced with careful discipline and unconditional love.


Our modern tendency is to force intellectual learning on young children and structure their lives with classes, lessons, and team sports. This deprives children of the vital development that comes from unstructured, imaginative play, and can have serious consequences on the child’s emotional and intellectual development. The nourished child will learn to read, write, study and think when the time is appropriate, she mentions around age 7.  

My note….When i was homeschooling my kids, i was taught that young boys often are later learning to read, maybe even 10 or so.  My son actually started reading around 4….i wish i had known these things to help him nutritionally, but thank the LORD, HE got us off the broken path of antibiotics my son was on til he was over two…and he still suffered from allergies. Now i understand why.

   My prayer is whoever is reading this will learn from the wisdom of these who have written this book, you will learn from the mistakes and wise things we have done as parents, and the LORD will help you to raise GODLY, healthy children, who are even tempered, well behaved, a joy to you and to others, and who produce much fruit for our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  If you live close by, come and join our class on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm.  Grab you a copy of this book from Amazon.com and start reading and studying…it’s packed with great information that you won’t get from your conventional pediatrician.  This is the good stuff, like learning from your great grandmother….enjoy and be blessed as you nuture your family on Elisabeth Elliots writings and The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care.



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