Nourishing Traditions: Ch. 1 Preparing for Your Baby

Nourishing Traditions Baby and Child Care

Taken from Sally Fallon Morrell’s Book, with devotions and other comments added. This is for our Titus 2 discipleship class as part of the older women teaching the younger women how to love their husbands, raise children to love CHRIST and be healthy, and as a family bear much fruit for CHRIST.  Please come and join us if you live nearby!


Baby Class Older Women Teaching Younger


Charles Spurgeon:

We are here to “Live Unto the LORD, and bring others to know your love. We remain on earth as sowers to scatter good seed, as ploughmen to break up the fallow ground, …as heralds publishing salvation…as “salt of the earth, (Matt. 15:13), to be a blessing to the world, to glorify CHRIST in our daily lives, workers for HIM, and workers together with HIM.

Last week I spoke about the older women teaching the younger women…our mandate from Titus 2:4….this morning as I thought about these things, GOD showed me that HE is building a beautiful garden through our lives….that will reach our family, friends, and future generations for all eternity. This garden is made up of CHRIST and HIS creation, including the physical and the spiritual. I don’t know exactly how to separate the two, and these class certainly combines them.

Charles Spurgeon Devotion from Morning and Evening: June 10

Elisabeth Elliot devotion “Training Children”

Recommended Books: The Shaping of a CHRISTian Family by Elisabeth Elliot

Creative Family Times

Hints on Child Training H. Clay Trumbull

All the parenting resources by Growing Family International:

In Chapter One of the Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care, it puts a primary emphasis on nutritional preparation before and during pregnancy more than any other book on this subject and more than any other subject in this book. The diet of both mother and father before conception, and the diet of the mother during pregnancy, will determine to a very large extent the appearance, intelligence and physical health of their baby AND contribute to their child’s emotional and mental and most important of all spiritual well being.

Nourishing Traditions Baby

No other society is as careless about preparing for pregnancy and birth as our own (and what about preparing spiritually for baby’s welfare too-my words). Our haphazard approach is in sharp contrast to the wisdom and dedication of Dr. Weston A. Price observed in traditional cultures, which often practices a period of special feeding for men and women before conception, and always provided special nutrient-dense foods during pregnancy, lactation and growth. Even worse is our modern appalling advice of a society that advocates low fat or vegetarian diets, or endorses processed foods for pregnant women and growing children. Our society has lost its way (when we lose our way spiritually, every other area of our lives follows- my words) and we have sacrificed the health of our young people to convince, dogma and financial gain.

When baby is born too early, or with a birth defect, or exhibits abnormal growth or behavior, genetics, often gets the blame. By blaming genetics, we absolve ourselves of the responsibility. But modern research has shown that nutrition in fact affects the expression of the genes, and poor nutrition can so adversely affect genetic expression that defects” persist for several generations.

Give example of my own story….i am the baby of five, mom was probably depleted nutritionally, was sick from ? , gene tests show that I have difficulty processing chemicals.

However, the way that I eat, expresses those genes, so I have a responsibility for my health, not just say, oh well, I don’t have the right genes so I will always be this way.

The production of healthy babies is a partnership between ourselves and our CREATOR. GOD provides the genetic blueprint, while we the parents provide the building materials. Together we build magnificent body temples to house the souls of future generations, the souls who will make the planet a better place, the souls who will ensure that peace and justice reign on the Earth.

****These are my words…this is most important in order for the Body of CHRIST to be able to be salt and light, we need to teach our daughter’s and sons how to grow children spiritually healthy and physically healthy. I am not saying that GOD doesn’t use the weak, HE is mighty through the weak as HE promises, but HE also has given us knowledge to take care of these temples so we can be missionaries and HIS ambassadors and have the strength we need to carry out HIS kingdom work. HE gives us the wisdom and this study contains some of that wisdom to care for our bodies and our children’s health so that we can be engaged in the spiritual warfare that lies ahead.

Some of Christ’s greatest warriors are weak in body, and this morning the LORD reminded me of CHARLES SPURGEON, the prince of preachers and his afflictions…among them gout and depression. His wife also suffered from great physical affliction for at least a quarter of a century. One of my dearest spiritual mom’s Betty Eudy, has been such a great spiritual encouragement and prayer warrior for my family, she has suffered greatly physically. Not saying that GOD doesn’t or can’t use the weak, HE uses us mightily, but HE is also in the healing business and preventing the illness to start with. That is my heart to bring you the information HE is and has been teaching me for the past 20 years….

Sally Fallon says she writes these words not to frighten or discourage , but to inspire you to adopt the best dietary practices you can, because the rewards, both to yourself and your offspring are very great. My words…as one who has struggled most of my adult life with health challenges, I say AMEN.

What is a Healthy Baby?

A healthy baby is robust, well formed, energetic and free of birth defects. A healthy baby has a broad face, strong bones, wide palate, allowing the teeth to grow in straight. A healthy baby has clear skin, good eyesight and keen hearing, a good immunes system, rarely catches a cold or gets sick, has a good digestive system, nurses well, does not spit up food, has normal bowel movements, free of allergens, rashes, asthma, and a good disposition, rarely cries, is cheerful, outgoing, smiles frequently, sleeps well, alert, curious, babbles, takes directions early, passes her milestones such as sitting up, crawling, standing and speaking on schedule, responds to affection, but can amuse herself and play alone without needing attention. Healthy babies grow up into healthy, intelligent, attractive, self disciplined and high functioning adults.

Good nutrition (and detox before getting pregnantmy words) ensures a truly healthy baby. This nutrition needs to start before a baby is conceived. If you have been consuming the standard American diet, full of junk food or a so called “healthy” low fat, vegetarian or vegan diet, you should count two to three years of preparation before conception. This seems like a long time, but a malnourished or depleted body needs time to recover, and that recovery needs to take place before, not during your pregnancy.

Go over the recommended foods in the side bar:

If you are reading this on line, I really recommend you ordering a copy of “The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care by Sally Fallon,” because it has a lot of great information that I am not going to take time to type out here like pg. 15.

One thing I do want to caution about. Some people have allergies to some of these good foods and I am one of them. I am allergic to milk and casein a protein in milk, but I’m working on these issues, as GOD continues to heal my body. So if you have problems with these foods, check for food allergies. I do the NAET treatments ( which has helped to eliminate a lot of my allergies and i’m very grateful for them.
Dr. Charles Hall, a chiropractor here in Athens, has done the treatments for me. You can go to the NAET site and find someone in your area who does the treatments. Not all of them are equal so do your research.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil

Until the end of the Second World War, cod liver oil, served as the number one supplement for pregnant women and growing children-doctors, nurses, health officials, teachers, ministers, Sunday school teachers and government agencies, all urged the population to take cod liver oil to protect themselves from infectious disease and ensure strong bones and teeth. Books on infant feeding recommended cod liver oil starting in the third month of life, even cod liver oil drops as early as three weeks.

When antibiotics, came on the scene, the campaign for cod liver oil waned. Today the government discourages cod liver oil, especially for pregnant women, claiming that the vitamin A in cod liver oil can contribute to birth defects. (Sidebar) p.17

Vit A in the Cod Liver Oil is the most important reason for taking this old fashioned supplement.

Vitamin A is critical for:

  • optimal expression of the genetic potential-my detox genes not expressed well
  • for strong bones
  • healthy skin
  • keen eyesight
  • mineral metabolism
  • hormone production
  • mental stability
  • ability to plan for the future and stick to tasks

Vitamin A helps the various organs to develop properly such as the heart, liver and lungs. A woman with low vitamin A may suffer a miscarriage or the heart may form incorrectly resulting in a serious birth defect.

Recent research shows that even partial vitamin A deficiency affects the sensitive developing central nervous system.

It plays a key role in the development of the visual system, the retina of the eye, the inner ear, the spinal cord, the craniofacial area including the sinus passages, dental arches, thymus, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Vit A is required in mid gestation for baby lung development. New research shows that Vitamin A deficiency results in a reduced number of nephrons (kidney cells) in the kidney. Lower numbers of nephrons mean the kidneys will not work at optimal levels and the person may have to have dialysis later in life….

Vitamin A holds the key to our bodies develop symmetrically while the inner organs are arranged asymmetrically. A shorter right foot or right eyes is a sign of mild Vitamin A deficiency in utero. (Backyard Bible Club Baby).


Sally Fallon says that you can’t get enough Vit. A from leafy green plant food and orange yellow fruit and veggies to meet the high requirements for reproduction and pregnancy.

She warns that Vit. A consumed without Vit D can cause problems. Vitamin A taken alone can cause deficiencies in Vit. D resulting in bone problems. She said that Vit. A and D work together, and when there is adequate intake of vitamin D, vitamin A is toxic only at extremely high levels.

Cod liver oil provides Vit. A and D together…difficult to obtain adequate amounts in our Western diet, but traditional cultures consume in large amounts. Vit D works together with Vit. A to ensure optimal development of the baby. Vitamin D consumed before pregnancy prepares mother’s bones, teeth, organs, and brain for the stresses of pregancy.

Fathers should also take cod liver oil-

Vitamin A in Fathers needed for:

  • sperm production
  • protects sperm against damage from environmental chemicals such as dioxins and bisphenol A

She said the best source of vitamins A and D is high vitamin fermented cod liver oil. She recommends for the source of cod liver oil.

Cod liver oil also provides DHA, an important omega 3 fatty acid needed for brain development.

The Weston A. Price Foundation recommends 20,000 IU of Vitamin A and 2,000 IU of Vitamin D from Cod liver oil during pregnancy.

Documented Benefits of Cod Liver Oil Show:

  • 70 percent chance of reduced risk of type 1 diabetes
  • protects against dangers of low birth weight
  • children scored higher on intelligence tests at age four whose mom’s took cod liver oil compared with those whose mom’s took corn oil. Vitamins A and D are necessary for the optimal formation and function of the brain, the DHA also is very necessary for brain function.

She said that skate liver oil is another good choice,as is halibut liver oil, but not ordinary fish oils. She said they are made using a highly industrial process, tend to be rancid, and aren’t good sources of vitamins A and D. Also, using regular fish oil during pregnancy may be associated with excessive bleeding

Eggs and Egg Yolks

egg yolks, vit D

Egg whites provide perfect protein and egg yolks contain a powerhouse of nutrients, chief among them being choline, which is critical for the development of the brain. Rats feed three times the normal choline during pregnancy, their offspring are born with remarkably resilient nervous systems. These offspring have lifelong 30 percent increase in visuospatial and auditory memory; they grow old without developing any age- related senility, they are protected against the assaults of neurotoxins, and have an enhanced ability to focus on several things at once.

Egg yolks are the richest source of choline. Sally Fallon says you need four yolks to satisfy even the modest government recommendations, but one white is enough a day. Choline also occurs in liver and dairy foods, and to a lesser extend in meats (especially pork), nuts, and legumes. To ensure an adequate supply she said you need to consume at least two egg yolks per day- and more is better. Add extra yolks to scrambled eggs and omelets, consume raw egg yolks in smoothies, eat them in custards, souffles, and homemade ice cream or mix them with hot rice or oatmeal.

Egg yolk are a wonderful source of cholesterol, an important nutrient that’s been demonized by our government officials and conventional medicine. Prospective parents should in no way limit cholesterol intake-all sex hormones are made from cholesterol as are all the hormones the body makes to deal with stress. Mothers need extra cholesterol to help the baby develop the brain and nervous system, as well as the intestinal tract and a cholesterol rich diet should continue throughout the period of growth and throughout life.

Egg yolks also provide vitamins A, D, K2, and E as well as folate, biotin and important minerals like iron, zinc and selenium.

The levels of vitamins and minerals will be higher if the eggs come from hens allowed to roam on green pasture in the sunlight. In one study conducted by Mother Earth News, folate levels were over two hundred times higher in pastured eggs than in chickens raised in confinement. Organic eggs are second best with supermarket eggs coming in third. Even if supermarket eggs are your only choice, don’t be afraid to eat liberally of the yolks, the future intellectual ability of your child may depend on it.


Butter is the queen of fats, especially when it comes from grass fed cows. Grass fed butter:

  • Is a rich source of vitamins A, D, K2, and E, needed for the development of body and brain, as well as selenium, copper, zinc and chromium.
  • Butter provides iodine-critical for thyroid function
  • It is rich in cholesterol and contains lecithin needed for the proper utilization of cholesterol
  • Contains DHA, vital for brain development and function.
  • Raw butter contains an antistiffness compound called the Wulzen factor, which is destroyed by heat.
  • Most importantly it provides arachidonic acid, AA, an underappreciated type of fat essential for healthy skin, intestinal integrity and brain function.

AA promotes sustained, goal-oriented behavior by supporting dopamine production in the central nervous system, prevention of exito-toxicity and epilepsy, formation of cell to cell junctions essential to skin and intestinal health, support of the immune response and resolution of inflammation. It is essential to fertility and to blood clotting. Principal sign of AA deficiency is dry, scaly skin. The water evaporates due to lack of cell to cell junctions.

Not hard to get 4 tablespoons of butter into your daily diet. For those with low tolerance to dairy protein, use ghee (which is butter with the milk proteins removed) instead of butter.

Make sure you are getting grass fed butter from clean pastures and meat…or buy organic. Conventional butter has been shown to have high levels of PCB’s according to some studies.

Whole Raw Milk

Sally Fallon says their recommendation to consume raw milk during pregnancy runs completely counter to U.S. Government recommendations. According to the Food and Drug Administration, “drinking raw milk is like playing Russian roulette with your health,” and is especially dangerous for pregnant women.” Really? What they don’t tell you is the dangers of raw milk are greatly exaggerated and reports association raw milk with illness are highly biased. Any food not handled properly can cause illness, including pasteurized milk. Raw milk is unique among food we consume in that it contains numerous factors that actually kill pathogens while strengthening the immune system.

Just read this link: CDC data showing the safety of raw milk during pregnancy:

Raw whole milk from pasture fed cows provides:

  • A complete source of nutrition that is easy to digest and assimilate
  • Is vastly superior to pasteurized for building strong bones and teeth
  • For protecting against infection, allergies, and asthma and for building immunity
  • Many consumers who are unable to drink pasteurized milk can consume raw milk without difficulty. However, check your food allergies if you suspect that the milk is not agreeing with you.

Grass fed raw milk as opposed to grain fed raw milk is:

  • much higher in fat-soluble vitamins, pigments, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega 3 fats.

As the quality of grass increases , the content of other grass-related nutrients-such as pigments, vitamin E and CLA- also increase in the milk. Important to get used to the milk, before becoming pregnant. Some support slight constipation or runny stools on first consuming raw milk. Most important to obtain your milk from a clean source as I stated above.

For additional benefits, raw milk can be cultured to make buttermilk, kefir or yogurt. Fermented milk products are even easier to digest than sweet milk, and they provide beneficial bacteria for the digestive tract.

If you can’t consume raw milk, you can raw cheese, which is legal and available in all states and you can order through the internet.

Goal is to consume 1500 mg of calcium per day…5 cups of whole milk or seven to eight ounces of cheese.

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