Reasons you don’t want to depend on drugs to control diabetes

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    The quotation below is from Dr. Sherry Roger’s book, “How to Cure Diabetes.”  pages 1-5.  I have read these few pages many times, and even shared some of the info on this blog.  Each time i read it, i learn something different.    Please take time to read this and order a copy of “How to Cure Diabetes,” from or  It holds the key for helping you and your loved ones to truly overcome illness and thrive and not suffer the downhill complications of diabetes, and the drugs themselves.
Proof that Diabetes Drugs Don’t Work, In Fact they Shorten Your Life.
“You may stop right here and say, “Wait a minute! My doctor prescribed drugs for my diabetes and we watch my sugar and hemoglobin A1C (hgbA1C). He says everything is fine” But this is not true, as you will learn. A report in the Wall Street Journal came from studies that were unveiled at the American Cardiolology meeting and published in the New England Journal of Medicine ( Winslow). What did this expensive research show? The sad fact is our great medical system doesn’t work for diabetics.” 
     “None of the diabetes drugs has anything to do with the cause and cure of diabetes. Drugs merely poison enzyme systems to make the laboratory blood sugar levels look more normal, while they double your risk of dying.”  If you find this as difficult to believe as I did, let me quote directly for you from the PDR ( Physicians Desk Reference, 2001,  the book in any library that describes prescription drugs). Let’s look at Diabanese  (tolbutamide), an old diabetes drug used on millions of Americans. It states “patients treated for 5-8 years with diet plus a fixed dose of tolbutamide (1.5grams per day) has a rate of cardiovascular mortality 2 1/2 times that of patients treated with diet alone.” The leading diabetes drug for decades more than doubled your chance of dying of a heart attack, while mere diet was twice as good as the drug! Yet millions of diabetics were duped for years with this category of drugs as just one tiny example. And the deception continues, as you will learn.
As a more modern example,  Metformin, the current most commonly prescribed diabetes drug lowers B12 ( over 18 percent lower), folic acid, and CoQ10. But these hidden deficiencies in turn lead to insidious memory and vitality loss that are both blamed on aging (Pelton). And these drug-created deficiencies trigger heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancers and more. Again this is not new as researchers have warned for decades that the depletion of folic acid and B12 raise a blood protein called homocysteine, which in turn promotes many of the serious side effects  that diabetes is known for, such as early death (Sahin, Pongchaida).
   And yet diabetologists rarely supplement the nutrients that their prescribed medications destroy. As Harvard researchers showed over two decades ago, just a silent insidious B12 deficiency ( as from a leading diabetes drug, Metformin) can lead to psychiatric diseases like depression, schizophrenia, memory loss, and dementia. ( Lindebaum). And what was even worse is that this B12 deficiency may not cause the standard changes in blood tests to make doctors think of checking for it. So brain deterioration, memory loss, and even institutionalization are chalked up to “normal” aging.
Consequently, the leading drug for diabetes can bring on the very same symptoms that diabetes does, in spades. Plus these hidden deficiencies raise your homocysteine, a blood factor that increases your likelihood of having accelerated arteriosclerosis; the very thing diabetes does ( deJager). But this is why you take the drug, to slow down aging and early death. And in addition to poisoning the liver’s ability to make sugar, the drug also has a chemotherapy-like action ( meaning it can also foster cancer). In addition it can act like fertilizer for cancers. (PDR, MPR, Giovannucci)
And many drug studies have been way too short to delineate more serious side effects that occur with extended years of use. Even insulin use can increase cancers, since nobody has fixed what was broken ( Bowker, Barone). Another example of diabetes drugs’ hidden side effects, they cause bone loss, osteoporosis, the need for joint replacements and increased falls and fractures. (Yatura). And I haven’t even begun to tell you about the price you pay for stifling symptoms through poisoning body pathways instead of repairing them.
And it gets even worse with other drugs. In fact, adding one additional drug to a drug you are currently taking raises your side effects, not twice but twenty fold. One plus one does not equal two in terms of potential side effects , but twenty. A common drug given to diabetics for high triglycerides increases your risk of cancer 33% while a commonly prescribed cholesterol drug increases your cancer risk a walloping 70 %.
When even the New England Journal of Medicine publishes a study proving that 5 years of the standard drugs for diabetics does not change the death rate or lower the rate of heart attack one iota we are in deep trouble. These studies are not all new. Researchers for years have shown that neither of the top two drug categories of diabetes drugs appreciably alters the rate of progression of complications in patients  with type 2 diabetes ( Kohlstadt, Krentz). Even the Mayo Clinic has reported the most prescribed  classification of diabetes drugs like Metformin ( the class is called thiazolidinediones) can create heart failure as well as fluid retention in the lungs ( Kermani).
One in four Americans over the age of 60 now has diabetes and three quarters of them have high blood pressure and die from cardiovascular diseases. As 26 million Americans have diabetes, they are on a path of accelerated aging that propels them faster toward heart attacks, strokes, amputations, blindness, Alzheimer’s, dialysis and much more. And thrice that staggering number is prediabetic. Truly abnormal sugar metabolism is our planet’s largest epidemic. Yet it doesn’t stop with diagnosed diabetes. Twice as many folks are pre-diabetic with metabolic syndrome ( also called Syndrome X or insulin resistance) and the most common liver disease non alcoholic steatohepatitis, which are related ( Marchesini). In fact, having NASH, predicts the person will develop diabetes (Mussolini, Shibata). We are truly a nation of “sickos” and it’s just beginning to snowball. The good news is these are all curable.
But uncured diabetes also brings on painful neuropathy with loss of nerve function or numbness, erectile dysfunction, cataracts, and glaucoma. As well it destroys the kidneys leading to renal dialysis, which in turn loads the Brady with toxic aluminum, and plastocizers which further accelerate all diseases….by attacking blood vessels, uncured diabetes also leads to gangrene, and amputation of toes and legs as well as tooth loss and even cancers…cataracts, retinal damage, and blindness.  The good news is it is all preventable, regardless of how severe your diabetes is. 
Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D. How to Cure Diabetes
Below is some invaluable info from Green Med info found online, Facebook, etc.  Read the studies that back up what Dr. Rogers is sharing about Metformin.  Read also some ways to help reverse insulin resistance with food and repair a diabetic liver with turmeric.  I’ll have to say, i upped my dosage of turmeric yesterday and  I felt like a had a huge toxic unloading this morning.

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