Some thoughts on Pat Summit’s death….

This is incredibly sad to me. I grew up watching Tennessee girls dominate the world of basketball and for Coach Pat Summit to have passed away from these symptoms so young just really makes me sad.
Dr. Sherry Rogers taught years ago that N-Acetyl Cystine- a precursor to glutathione which takes toxins out of our body, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B- 12 can often reverse the symptoms Coach Summit suffered from. Even patients into their 80’s who had lost their drivers license have had their symptoms reversed and are able to drive again.
I know it is “appointed unto man once to die, after this the judgement.” Hebrews 9:27-28. Just so sad that Coach Summit suffered and died this way. If she is a believer though, and she was,  she is more alive than ever and God has a plan. Romans 8:28



A friend of mine shared this link earlier today in light of Pat Summit’s death from Alzheimer’s.

The Lord just reminded me of something I learned years ago at the Environmental Health Clinic in Dallas in 1999 where I was being treated for pesticide poisoning. I met a man there who had worked for the US Treasury in Ft. Worth and he worked with printing money. They had used some experimental ink to print the money and the chemicals in it made him very, very sick. When he began detoxing in the sauna, replacing nutrients, treating for allergies, he got better. When I came home, there was a friend of mine whose Dad also worked for the treasury department in Washington DC printing money. He developed Alzheimer’s. Along the same time there was a man in our church who was the printer there. He had retired as a printer and ran the print shop at our church. All of the sudden he was in the hospital diagnosed with dementia and he died not too long after that. His wife later told me that he had become sensitive to supplements and couldn’t even take a vitamin. When he developed dementia he had been put on a new medication which I believe caused his sudden onset of dementia.
When your body doesn’t detox well for a number of reasons and it is exposed to certain things such as ink or medication, pesticides, paint, hair dresser chemicals, aluminum, etc, there can be an onset of thinking problems., along with other problems. Adding medication to an already toxic and inflammatory situation only adds fuel to the fire. The solution is not to medicate, but to detox and replace nutrients…. simple but not always easy and it takes a while to reverse things that have accumulated in our bodies. Some things can be reversed much quicker such as an allergic reaction but you have to figure out what a person is reacting to. Who would suspect ink, or formaldehyde or a supplement? My body is sensitive to all these things. Thankfully not as much now as I used to be but I am.
A more recent example is tonight I was walking and the mosquito truck came in the neighborhood. Last year, the same thing happened and instead of seeking shelter immediately like i did tonight, i kept walking. My thinking abilities and nervous system was affected big time from the indirect hit I took from the neurotoxic mosquito spray. It took me quite a while, several weeks to get over it, even though I was taking things to detox my body and replace nutrients.
I read today that Pat Summit suffered from arthritis which can be because of a leaky gut and an allergic response. If she suffered from arthritis and took drugs to control the pain and arthritis, those drugs themselves can do great damage to the gut causing other issues such as dementia. There is always a cause for symptoms in our body and it’s not a lack of medication which poisons enzymes and causes a downward spiral in our health. Look for what’s going on in a person’s environment and their history to find the clues.



Pat Summit said she would trade her 8 national championships for her health and the health of others.



Last night after I wrote the post about Pat Summit and causes of her symptoms, God reminded me that Rodney D Soto MD shared at one of his educational talks, by the time you start having symptoms like dementia, the damage to our bodies is far more than the symptoms we are seeing. The symptoms are the tip of the iceberg. That is why it is SO important to be eating the right foods that Dr. Mercola recommended in his article I posted that contain glutathione and stay away from chemicals as much as possible.
What is glutathione? It is a very important antioxidant that helps keep our cells healthy and from aging by taking toxic chemicals out of our bodies. We all make glutathione but most of us can’t keep up with the onslaught of heavy metals and pesticides and air fresheners and perfumes and household cleaners, plastics, medications, etc. that we are around each day. Each time our bodies has to detox something, glutathione goes out the body with that chemical.
Read below how L Theacrine helps to produce glutathione in our cells and helps our LIVER and DETOX mechanisms!!! Ya’ll I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! I used to take glutathione through an IV each week to help my body detox and now I am able to help my body detox through a delicious pink drink and a few products. Also, if that weren’t enough, Dr. Mercola said in his article last night that Whey Protein helps glutathione production.
I wrote this to say… PLEASE don t wait until you are having symptoms to help your body detox. We all need to be doing something each and everyday because of the sea of chemicals we live around. Plexus is something simple and so affordable and comes right to your mailbox. I’d love to share more with you if you’ll message me. Thanks so much!

Improved Liver Function and Detoxification Mechanisms
After seven days of Theacrine supplementation subjects showed no signs desensitization[3]
Oxidation is a naturally occurring process in the body, but too much oxidative stress has been linked to a number of degenerative health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. However, in order to combat the potential hazards of excessive oxidation, our bodies are equipped with a number of potent antioxidant defense mechanisms, including the body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxification agent – glutathione. Glutathione, along with several other antioxidant enzymes, is produced in the liver.
Studies indicate that following seven days of Theacrine supplementation subjects showed elevated levels of glutathione inside cells, which suggest that the liver receives a secondary benefit from supplementation.[1]

I would love to talk with you more about ways to detox your body.  Contact me by email if you’d like to brainstorm with me.

His Grace is Sufficient,

Mitzi Evans, RN

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