“I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand”

In all things

Faith already knows that everything that happens fits into a pattern for good to those who love God. An inconvenience is always, whether we see it or not, a blessed inconvenience.” Elisabeth Elliot, www.elisabethelliot.org

Dear Friends,

This is going to be a little different from the previous weeks, but more like my posts of old when i was in the trenches of trying to feel better each day because to be honest, i have been taken back somewhat to those days that i struggled so.  I got sprayed by the mosquito truck a couple of weeks ago walking my dog, and I’ve been taken back down memory lane as I’m continuing to recover.  Has not been a comfortable time, but it’s been a time the LORD has reminded me of my roots, That I can’t even walk with GOD holding my hand.

My friend, gospel singer Tony Greene, went to be with JESUS five years ago this week.  GOD has taken down memory lane listening to some of the songs the Greenes sang that ministered so much to me during a difficult time of suffering in my life and continues to minister to me now. One song in particular was called, “I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand.”  I remember the first time i heard Tony share the story how GOD gave the songwriter that song.  It was during a very difficult trial he and his wife were going through. Like most things that really matter in our lives, they come through a time of difficult suffering, and that is when we hear GOD the most.  I love the quote from C.S. Lewis that says, “GOD shouts to us in our pain, and whispers in our joy.” I can relate to that.  I always know I’m in a trial when i hear the LORD’s voice through HIS WORD, and people and other means so much louder. So this week, i wanted to share with you that beautiful song that Tony Greene sang that night at Truth Baptist Church that first penetrated my soul and led me to go to the altar, one of many times, i went to the altar when i went to hear the Greene’s sing. The recording is not at Truth Baptist, but somewhere else Tony sang,it  and I wanted you to get to hear the whole story and song.  I pray that it ministers to your heart as it does mine.

“I Can’t Even Walk” sang by the Greenes


A few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me if she could interview me for a health and healing show she does on her blogsite called http://livehealthyandblessed.com/.  Between her jammed packed schedule and my not feeling well at times, it took us several weeks to get to the interview and i really appreciate her being patient with me. GOD’s timing is perfect and finally one Tuesday night, it worked right for both of us! So below is the link you can watch and hear a whole lot of the health journey that GOD has led me on.  I pray that it will be an encouragement and blessing to those who are looking for answers amidst very difficult health trials. I am very thankful that GOD has brought Plexus into my life at this point in my journey and continues to use it to help me regain my health.  Thank you so much, Melissa Beshore for giving me the opportunity to share my journey:


“Joy, peace, and stability come from believing that every circumstance that touches our lives is part of a great eternal plan that He is working out in this world and in our lives.” Nancy Leigh DeMoss, www.reviveourhearts.com

Let all who take refuge

If you are interested in learning more about Plexus, or have health challenges or spiritual challenges you need help with, please contact me on FB at Mitzi Fowler Evans, or send me an email at mitzi.evans0@gmail.com.  You can order Plexus through my website www.hisgraceissufficient.myplexusproducts.com.  If you order, please order the Triplex, which is the Slim, the BioCleanse, and the Probio5 to help you get going on a great foundation for your health journey.  I will send you an email after you order and be in touch with you to thank you and help you get started on your path to better health!

And thank you so much for your orders that helped me qualify for the Plexus Leader’s Retreat in Washington, D.C.  I really appreciate you so much!

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His Grace is Sufficient,

mitzi evans, RN

You Can Prevent Alzheimers and Parkinson’s…and reverse some of the effects of it.

Dear Friends,

Last night i had the opportunity to go and hear Dr. Rodney Soto http://www.holisticalabama.com/ speak on Brain Regeneration and Overcoming Diseases of the Brain.  Dr. Soto is a neurologist and was the medical director of the Stroke Unit at UAB.  His experiences have led him to finding out the causes of diseases, how to prevent them, and how to reverse them.

These notes are just a small part of what he covered, but if you want more information, please contact his office and he said he would be glad to send anyone studies of the talk or further information…256-325-1648.

Brain Regeneration:  Need to restore brain function by regenerating new cells…after age 55 there is a gradual decline of brain dysfunction….it doesn’t have to be this way.  You don’t want to wait until you start having symptoms…you can have 20 to 25 years and be completely free of symptoms.  The time to start regenerating new cells, and caring for your brain and your family’s brain is NOW.

Alzheimer’s Disease Facts: One in eight over 65 have Alzheimer’s.

Mechanisms of Neuronal Dysfunction: Chemicial Exposures, microbes, oxidation, inflammation, causes destruction of brain cells.

We must identify Root Causes that creates inflammatory process.

The brain is a highly energetic organ!

Causes of Brain Degeneration:

  •  Processed Foods

People in poverty rely on cheap foods

Alzheimer’s =Type 3 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Oxidation

Most foods in the supermarket are neurotoxins!

Study after study shows that plant based nutrition dramatically reduces dementia, Alzheimers.

Fresh veggies, whole grains, and legumes.  Must use good fats and good phytonutrients.

Pigment in food activates neurotransmitters….more colorful food is, better it is for you and your brain!

Nutrition studies show fish containing Omega 3 oils lower Alzheimers

Vit. C and E are good.

Nutrients to Restore Brain Function:

  • Tumeric
  • Fatty Acids (DHA)
  • Vitamin E, C, B12, Folic Acid
  • Green Tea
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Resveratol
  • Coconut Oil
  • Vit D
  • CoQu 10
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Acetyl L Carnitine

Need to take tumeric with fats…olive oil, coconut oil

Food- Dr. Soto mentioned restricting calories activates genes that help the brain.  The less you eat, the longer  you live.  But these must be healthy, nutrient rich calories….
Chemical Toxins- Driven toward brain lipid soluble…. Brain absorbs cigarette smoke  like a sponge and other chemicals.

Alzheimer’s can be dramatically reduced

Dental amalgams – mercury 50% very toxic to the brain

Increased blood mercury levels in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Cell phone use- very detrimental to brain- cell phones penetrate thru bone…. Radiation penetrates deeper in life. Think about talking  before you use cell phone… Alzheimer’s

Detrimental to the brain:

  • Pharmaceuticals(toxiceuticals)
  • Cholesterol lowering agents
  • Psychotropics
  • Beta blockers
  • Antibiotics
  • Steroid drugs
  • Immune modulators
  • Anti acid med
  • Vaccinations

Check out   http://www.everydayexposures.com/ to find out toxins you are being exposed to in your home each day….

Detoxify the body….
Detox at least  twice a year

Gut brain connection-
Gluten sensitivity: gut brain connection
Eradication of Heliobacyer pylori may be beneficial in management of Alzheimer’s

How hormones impact brain function

Risk decrease risk …. Natural hormones
Estrogen replacement reduces risk of Alzheimer’s

Stress- excess cortisol toxic to hypo campus

Exercise 3-4 times a week

Presence-attention to the present moment

Neurofeedback- provides patient with information about brain activity, improves cognitive performance

TMS- transcranial magnetic stimulation –
Stimulates brain- nowadays delivered thru psychiatrists


hyperbaric chamber
High pressure oxygen delivery- improves oxygenation to the tissue- ( my note,- Alfred Johnson in Richardson Texas does this (http://www.johnsonmedicalassociates.com/AboutUs/AlfredJohsonDO/tabid/60/Default.aspx) if you are out in that area…)

For those who can afford it it is very effective.

Stem cell therapy- adult stem cells-adult stem cells
From you and putting them back inside you…who does this? Very promising tool. for Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson’s , multiple

Who is at risk?
B.e.a.m.   Brain mapping….an
Accurate predictor of
Doesn’t mean we don’t have


  • Optimal nutrition
  • Have to aim at looking at root causes

Recommended Books
Power up your brain… Dr David  Perlmutter

The Edge Effect- Eric R. Braverman, M.D.

Stop Alzheimer’s Now- By Bruce Fife ND


Must prepare the ground… Address nutrition, intestinal health, balance between nutrition and detox

Cholesterol-  people who have cholesterol over 200 live longer

Particle size of LDL, hdl more important

The Lower your
Cholesterol, the sooner you die.

Petdaxa… Newest blood thinner….

Drug is
Not going to have good effects on body.

Walnuts – olive oil,


Infectious process has deficiency of b12

Next month- reversing heart disease

Chelation -removing metals will have signicant impact on the brain….

Next  month’s talk is REVERSING HEART DISEASE – on Oct. 16 at Grille 29 in Providence Place, Huntsville, Al  You can call 256-325-1648 to make your reservations.  These talks are excellent and they fill up in a hurry…you better make your reservations early…the food is also yummy!