“I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand”

In all things

Faith already knows that everything that happens fits into a pattern for good to those who love God. An inconvenience is always, whether we see it or not, a blessed inconvenience.” Elisabeth Elliot,

Dear Friends,

This is going to be a little different from the previous weeks, but more like my posts of old when i was in the trenches of trying to feel better each day because to be honest, i have been taken back somewhat to those days that i struggled so.  I got sprayed by the mosquito truck a couple of weeks ago walking my dog, and I’ve been taken back down memory lane as I’m continuing to recover.  Has not been a comfortable time, but it’s been a time the LORD has reminded me of my roots, That I can’t even walk with GOD holding my hand.

My friend, gospel singer Tony Greene, went to be with JESUS five years ago this week.  GOD has taken down memory lane listening to some of the songs the Greenes sang that ministered so much to me during a difficult time of suffering in my life and continues to minister to me now. One song in particular was called, “I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand.”  I remember the first time i heard Tony share the story how GOD gave the songwriter that song.  It was during a very difficult trial he and his wife were going through. Like most things that really matter in our lives, they come through a time of difficult suffering, and that is when we hear GOD the most.  I love the quote from C.S. Lewis that says, “GOD shouts to us in our pain, and whispers in our joy.” I can relate to that.  I always know I’m in a trial when i hear the LORD’s voice through HIS WORD, and people and other means so much louder. So this week, i wanted to share with you that beautiful song that Tony Greene sang that night at Truth Baptist Church that first penetrated my soul and led me to go to the altar, one of many times, i went to the altar when i went to hear the Greene’s sing. The recording is not at Truth Baptist, but somewhere else Tony sang,it  and I wanted you to get to hear the whole story and song.  I pray that it ministers to your heart as it does mine.

“I Can’t Even Walk” sang by the Greenes

A few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me if she could interview me for a health and healing show she does on her blogsite called  Between her jammed packed schedule and my not feeling well at times, it took us several weeks to get to the interview and i really appreciate her being patient with me. GOD’s timing is perfect and finally one Tuesday night, it worked right for both of us! So below is the link you can watch and hear a whole lot of the health journey that GOD has led me on.  I pray that it will be an encouragement and blessing to those who are looking for answers amidst very difficult health trials. I am very thankful that GOD has brought Plexus into my life at this point in my journey and continues to use it to help me regain my health.  Thank you so much, Melissa Beshore for giving me the opportunity to share my journey:

“Joy, peace, and stability come from believing that every circumstance that touches our lives is part of a great eternal plan that He is working out in this world and in our lives.” Nancy Leigh DeMoss,

Let all who take refuge

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And thank you so much for your orders that helped me qualify for the Plexus Leader’s Retreat in Washington, D.C.  I really appreciate you so much!

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His Grace is Sufficient,

mitzi evans, RN

Psyche Meds Linked to 90% of School Shootings

Dear Friends,

Note: The following article is a new addition to the blog since i wrote it last week addressing the  issue of prescription meds and violent behavior…  I hope you will take time to read it.

I wrote a blog before CHRISTmas about possible causes of the tragic shooting of the school entitled “Prescriptions Meds, Toxins, and Violent Behavior.” The article was in response to another article i read by Mike Adams how psychotropic drugs are contributing to the violent behavior that we are so often hearing about these days.  I backed up and said that we need to examine the reasons the people are on the drugs to start with…environmental causes such as heavy metals, chemicals, nutritional deficiencies…all of which can contribute to depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behavior, bipolar disorders, autism, and more.  Over the holidays, i read some more articles that i wanted to share with you about the disturbing behavior patterns we are seeing more and more frequently in our society.“Some 90 percent of school shootings over more than a decade have been linked to a widely prescribed type of antidepressant called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs, according to British psychiatrist Dr. David Healy, a founder of, an independent website for researching and reporting on prescription drugs.”

This  chart shows the high rate of those using antidepressants that were involved in the tragic school shootings

I am not condemning anyone for taking antidepressant drugs.  Instead look for the causes of the depression, whether they are spiritual, or environmental…and address those causes.  Antidepressants can cause a volatile mix in those already struggling with chemical overloads in their bodies.  Environmental doctors such as Dr. Katherine Henry, Texas Institute of Integrative Medicine, 972-234-4776, Dr. Sherry Rogers,, and Dr. Rodney Soto, can help you discover the underlying physical, emotional, and sometimes spiritual causes of depression.

Several years ago, Dr. Sherry Rogers wrote a book called, Depression, Cured at Last. She lists in the book several environmental causes of depression including mold, and in her book tells how to address the causes and get well.  I noticed several years ago, when i was in Gatlinburg, Tn, in the woods that i love so much, that i tended to get depressed.  The mold up there from the trees affects me that way.  It is such a blessing to find out what causes us to feel the ways we do, whether they be physical or emotional, or spiritual, and to be able to do something about it. Knowledge empowers us to be freed from a captive situation, whether it is spiritual knowledge of CHRIST coming to save us from our sins, or the knowledge that for some people who can’t detox chemicals too well like me, detoxing our bodies, and staying away from chemicals as much as possible can bring healing and a change of behavior and life.  Think how many broken relationships, divorces, and all could be caused by environmental issues affecting a persons behavior…and how many could be avoided if the root cause was treated and the problem overcome.  This link is heartbreaking…it’s not adam lanzas mother, the killer of the elementary children, but it’s a mother like his who is struggling with a son who exhibits violent behavior towards her and she is afraid of him.  She too is searching for the cause. I used to would say, you just need to discipline your child, or your child needs to know CHRIST and have a change of heart.  Those things may be true…indeed every child needs consistent discipline in love, and most importantly needs to know CHRIST as their personal LORD and SAVIOR.  However, when i began to suffer from the effects of chemicals and pesticide poisoning, i never dreamed how chemicals could make me feel just by being around them.  They can make the mildest mannered person mean.  People who suffer from chemical sensitivities can be around a minute amount of something they are sensitive to and it makes them very irritable.  If you add a prescription drug, along with the plethora of other environmental chemicals and toxins we are around daily, we can be asking for a volcanic eruption, literally in a person’s personality. Detoxing the chemicals and replacing the person’s nutrients, are keys in helping a person return to healthy person emotion, physically, and even spiritually.  It’s amazing the difference that detoxing and replacing nutrients makes in a person’s health and personality.  I know because i am one whose life has been dramatically affected by chemicals and i have been so blessed to have  been helped by knowledgable doctors who have helped lead me out of the darkness i was in.  This is a good follow up article…are these shootings all because of sin or being sick.  I believe it’s both.

One more thing as i close out this blog…you remember several years ago the lady who drowned her five children in Houston, Tx?  This really hit hard with me because i learned that she was a homeschool mom, and she was also a nurse.  I too was both of those.  This was a CHRISTian family from all i could learn, and they had one of the same posters with the names of CHRIST on their wall that i had on mine.  This really bothered me, and i later learned from an article that Dr. Sherry Rogers wrote that this mom had worked as a chemotherapy nurse. Working around chemo drugs alone could have altered this young mom’s chemistry in her body. Dr. Rogers wrote about nutritional deficiencies and how they can cause us to be mentally unstable until they are corrected.  At the time, this young mom was off of her psychiatric drugs i believe.  I remember she wasn’t taking them.  I am sad to say, my brother in law, killed himself suffering from a bipolar disorder, and he wasn’t on his medication at the time. This brings me back to a difficult place…at the beginning we read an article where the shooters were on antidepressants and they killed…the bottom two i listed were off their meds at the time when they killed and were killed.  My brother in law was a pastor…he knew better spiritually but his flesh was sick. His behavior had been erratic for years.  This young mom who drowned her 5 kids in the bath tub also seemed to be a CHRISTian….it’s time we looked further  than blaming guns and even sin. The mother who drowned her children didn’t have a gun…and  look also at environmental factors that are causing us to display violent, very violent behavior that we don’t understand.  LORD, help us…“My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 6:4

If any of you are interested in joining our Ultrametabolism Class where we are learning about the underlying causes of our health issues…and how to correct them, please contact me.

In CHRIST alone,

Mitzi Evans, RN


 WARNING, WARNING, WARNING!!! The headline below was on the Dr. Oz show on Dec. 28…

The Long Island Medium: Can Lost Loved Ones Help Cure Your Anxiety?


Stay away from mediums!  Have nothing to do with them!  Deuteronomy 18 -I was horrified to see this headline in my email on Dec. 28.  I knew that Dr. Oz is NOT a CHRISTian,  and having a medium on his show is another indication of what is wrong with our society.  We have turned away from the one true GOD of the Bible and are now consulting mediums. The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 18 to have nothing to do with mediums. Please use spiritual discernment and discretion when watching Dr. Oz, or reading Dr. Mark Hyman’s books, about everything.   We live in a day and time where more and more of our culture is secular instead of CHRISTian and we must stay in GOD’s WORD to be wise and set apart to be HIS witnesses in this dark world.  “Ye are the light of the world.  A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

<< Deuteronomy 18 >>  

10Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter ina the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 11or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. 12Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord, and because of these detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you.13You must be blameless before the Lord your God.


Integrative Solutions to Depression

The Breakthrough Depression Solution

Integrative medicine for mental health.
by James M. Greenblatt, M.D.

The Tomato Effect

Nutritional medicine has long been considered “alternative medicine,” and despite increasing scientific research supporting the link between nutrition and health, the mental health profession continues to regard the link between nutrition and brain function as alternative or “complementary.” Read More

The Brain on Fire: Inflammation and Depression

We have all had the flu or at least know what it feels like.

The miserable collection of symptoms includes lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, sleepiness, loss of appetite, and general malaise. Read More

Psychological Consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency

Chances are you are not getting enough vitamin D.

An estimated one billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency. Individuals at high risk for vitamin D deficiency, include those living far from the equator, those with medical conditions (such as obesity, liver disease, celiac and renal disease), the elderly, and those with darker skin. Read More

Can a Simple Blood Test Solve Depression?

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Nutritional Risk Factors for Suicide

In the past few weeks one reality television star and one former professional athlete committed suicide. Although we know that most of those who commit suicide are not famous and receive little to no media attention. Read More

Is Your Depression Linked to Low DHEA Levels?

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Low Cholesterol and Its Psychological Effects

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Is Gluten Making You Depressed?

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James M. Greenblatt, M.D., a dually certified child and adult psychiatrist, is a pioneer in integrative medicine. His latest book is The Breakthrough Depression Solution.


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Lasting Cures for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar etc.

Dear Friends,

About a year ago, my beloved integrative doctor in Richardson, Texas, Dr. Katherine Henry of the Texas Institute of Integrative Medicine, 1-972-234-4776,  told me about a lab called Great Plains Laboratory that she really likes.  Dr. Henry has been practicing medicine for about 40 years, and she is very meticulous when it comes to the labs she uses.  I have learned about many labs through her that are so very helpful in finding the underlying cause of what is making us sick.

Last night Great Plains offered a free webinar for health professionals with an account with them called: “Case Studies in Integrative Mental Health.”  I caught the last hour of the hour and a half webinar and i was so blessed with what i learned.  What i learned is the same things, Dr. Henry, Dr. Gus Prosch, now deceased, Dr. Sherry Rogers,  Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Ron Overberg of the Environmental Health Clinic in Dallas, ( and others have been teaching me about nutritional deficiencies that cause  symptoms throughout the body, also cause the mental symptoms that so many suffer from.   I have known this but listening to the webinar last night really lit my fire and gave me renewed hope that truly these conditions can be cured through detox and correcting the nutritional deficiencies.

This subject is near and dear to my heart because someone very close to me has suffered with severe depression and anxiety, for many, many years.  The psychiatrists attempt to “heal” her have been the use of anti-depressants, tranquilizers, and many years ago, shock treatments.  I have watched this dear person, persevere, suffer, and go from one psychiatrist to another truly looking for that magic pill that never lasts…relieving only the symptoms temporarily.

I have shared the information below about the guest speaker, and below that, the notes that i took as i sat out in my car after choir practice and listened intently. I’m not a professional writer as you can tell, and my posts will be kind of raw, but i hope that something in them will be beneficial to you.  I will try to fill in some of the gaps in the notes so you can decipher them better.

From the Great Plains Website about the webinar:

William Shaw, Ph.D., and The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. sponsor “Case Studies in Integrative Mental Health” presented by Dr. James Greenblatt on August 29, 2012.

This webinar will provide a summary of clinical cases seen in an integrative psychiatry practice. This seminar will explore an integrative approach to mental health by evaluating laboratory values of blood and urine to determine interventions that affect the course of treatment of depression, anxiety, OCD and A(D)HD. Dr. Greenblatt will leave time to answer specific questions.

The goal of the webinar is to help clinicians understand the underlying metabolic imbalances that may be related to the development of mood and anxiety disorders.

James Greenblatt, M.D.
James Greenblatt, M.D. is a dually board-certified child and adult psychiatrist and is the Founder and Medical Director of Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources, an integrative psychiatry practice. Dr. Greenblatt received his medical degree and completed his adult psychiatry residency at George Washington University and completed a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School. For more than 20 years, he has been a leader in Integrative Medicine, lecturing on scientific evidence for nutritional treatments in psychiatry and eating disorders.

Great Plains Laboratory
When i tuned in, Dr. Greenblatt, was talking about patients being low on cholesterol craved marijuana.  When their cholesterol levels are corrected, their cravings subside.  Dr. Henry, and Dr. Spurlock, of the EHCD, both taught me how necessary cholesterol is to produce all of our other hormones.  It is the precursor to them.

He then spent much time talking about Lithium orotate-my notes (mitzi) from Wikipedia about Lithium orotate

Lithium orotate, is a salt of orotic acid and lithium. It is available as the monohydrate, LiC5H3N2O4·H2O.[1]

Lithium orotate is generally marketed as a dietary supplement used in small doses to treat mental conditions including stress, bipolar disorderalcoholismADHDADD, aggression, PTSDAlzheimer’sand to improve memory. It has controversially been promoted as an alternative to lithium carbonate. In this compound, lithium is non-covalently bound to an orotate ion, rather than to a carbonate or other ion. Lithium orotate is sold under a wide variety of brand names and is available at some drugstores and health food stores.

Although a few psychiatrists prescribe lithium orotate to their patients, it is most often naturopaths and other alternative health practictioners who recommend this lithium compound to their patients.

Many years ago, Dr. Gus Prosch, of BioMed in B’ham had me (mitzi) take some of it, along with many other supplements.  It was made by Biotech.  Dr. Prosch was before his time, and many came from all over the United States and Canada to seek healing from this godly man. He was a precursor to the functional medicine, integrative medicine, wholistic medicine doctors…and he told me he learned many of the things he used in his practice from an old country doctor.

From Dr. Greenblatt concerning Lithium orotate-Very safe, commonly used , has profound effects in reducing suicide in bipolar patients…. Dramatic changes, helps reduce inflammation in the brain.

Lithium orotate big part of his practice in treating depression and other mental health disorders.  He said it was helpful for depression, bipolar, and irritability.

Others deficiencies he kept mentioning that are very helping in treating mental health disorders and are often the cause are:

B-12 deficiencies-   (my note-Dr. Henry has taught me over and over that the regular B-12 measurements from most labs aren’t accurate levels of B-12 because they measure the B-12 outside the RBC.  Must get an RBC reading to get accurate measurement…Great Plains, Metametrix does these test.

Dr. Greenblatt recommends B12 injections, 1000mcg. three times a week for four weeks
Zinc deficiencies need to be corrected if any…you have to have zinc to absorb some of the other nutrients.
Vit D3 deficiencies need to be measured and corrected
Lithium orotate- 10 mg per day  profound effects on behavior and mood processes

Irritability- lithium orotate sole intervention

bipolar, depression,irritability-lithium orotate most common intervention, check for b-12 deficiencies, B-12 injections

Vegetarians beware – anorexia- deficiency of zinc.  Grain products inhibit zinc,

Gluten can cause anxietydairy can be a problem
Urinary peptides…one of the test you can order through Great Plain Labs…measurements help with treating anxiety, fatigue , or depression
Get off casein found in dairy products – can cause
OCD, Autism
dairy, gluten
Whey powder, cheaper brands add casein
Many of cheap granola bars have casein
Cheese-  casein morphine

When treating a mental health issue, he said you need to ask, what nutritional deficiencies does this person have….Great Plans Labs has the tests to show specifically what deficiencies need to be treated.

He said people with Celiac disease are twice as likely to suffer from depression.

Vit D deficiency- very flat mood,3

lifted with Vit D, Vit. D. deficiency can also cause obesity, and binge eating.
Low fat absorption
Essential fatty acids- omega 3 and omega 6
Depressed fish oil helpful for depressed phase of bipolar.
Intervention was 1.2 grams of fatty acids made huge difference in psychose…. Nerve degree.

Fatty acids , peptides

Cure for mental illness…. Organic acids , hphp marker , peptides

Tyrosine affects dopamine metabolism marker
High dose probiotics

Everyone benefits from magnesium....

ADHD can be caused by insufficient carbohydrate metabolism, nutritional deficiency

Family history lithium carbonate… Alcohol, abnormal transmitters

Can lithium carbonate be substituted with lithium orotate…yes?

ADHD can be caused by- food allergies , magnesium deficiency, copper elevated
His favorite types of B12 Methocobalymine injection,  and liquid

Dosage of B12 1000mcg injection

3 -4 times a week for a month

Eating disorders in persons that  don’t eat meat…. B 12 deficiencies, zinc deficiency impairs utilization of B12

Genetic mutation-most  common folate metabolism…

Hair test- will show if low on lithium

Lithium orotate

Some doctors concerned about lithium hurting the kidnesys…he says they have seen no changes in kidney function

Lithium essential element -note from mitzi.  I had a hair analysis recently and it showed my lithium level, along with many other levels is low.

Treatment on Alzheimer’s, dementia.

Constipation, sleeplessness,

He is in Boston ,  they do consultations

Raise cholesterol levels- he talked about people with low cholesterol levels craving marijuana and when their cholesterol was raised the cravings went away.

3-6 pills per day of whatever he mentioned to raise cholesterol

Breakthrough depression solution
Vit def that could contribute to depression.

High dose probiotics

30 mg will the symptoms be improved, lithium carbonate switch back

What test can we do?

Looking at a different  biomedical model.

I hope some of this information is helpful to you…you can contact Great Plain Labs, Dr. Greenblatt, Dr. Henry, or other integrative and functional medicine practioners, and they will be able to give you assistance in finding the cause and the cure for mental illnesses and more.

Dr. Sherry Rogers has a book called, “Depression, Cured at Last,” that explains some of the different environmental causes, along with nutritional causes of depression.  I think she includes some spiritual causes too.

Dr. Greenblatt has a book on his website about depression that he has written called, “The Breakthrough Depression Solution.”  I don’t usually recommend psychiatrists, but after hearing him last night, i knew that he truly was sharing lasting cures for his patients.  He does consultations and you can contact his website for that info he will be doing the seminar below on:

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health
September 21-23, 2012 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Contact Great Plains Lab in order to sign up for this seminar.

I hope this is helpful to someone and gives you the encouragement that mental health issues don’t have to be treated with drugs that mask symptoms, but they too, can be cured when the cause is discovered, and the remedy is applied.

GOD bless you,