Integrative Solutions to Depression

The Breakthrough Depression Solution

Integrative medicine for mental health.
by James M. Greenblatt, M.D.

The Tomato Effect

Nutritional medicine has long been considered “alternative medicine,” and despite increasing scientific research supporting the link between nutrition and health, the mental health profession continues to regard the link between nutrition and brain function as alternative or “complementary.” Read More

The Brain on Fire: Inflammation and Depression

We have all had the flu or at least know what it feels like.

The miserable collection of symptoms includes lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, sleepiness, loss of appetite, and general malaise. Read More

Psychological Consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency

Chances are you are not getting enough vitamin D.

An estimated one billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency. Individuals at high risk for vitamin D deficiency, include those living far from the equator, those with medical conditions (such as obesity, liver disease, celiac and renal disease), the elderly, and those with darker skin. Read More

Can a Simple Blood Test Solve Depression?

When a patient seeks help for depression, the first thing the psychiatrist does is encourage the patient to “tell your story.” From the symptoms described by the patient and other information gathered in the ensuing conversation, the doctor eventually determines a diagnosis. Read More

Nutritional Risk Factors for Suicide

In the past few weeks one reality television star and one former professional athlete committed suicide. Although we know that most of those who commit suicide are not famous and receive little to no media attention. Read More

Is Your Depression Linked to Low DHEA Levels?

As an Integrative Medicine physician, my role involves exploring the psychological, biological and at times the spiritual deficiencies that may sustain depression and other mood disorders. Read More

Low Cholesterol and Its Psychological Effects

Mark, a 43 year-old executive, saw his doctor for his annual physical. Reviewing his laboratory tests, the doctor noted that Mark’s total cholesterol level was for the first time over 200mg/dL. Read More

Is Gluten Making You Depressed?

I recently consulted with a 24 year-old patient diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. He was prescribed a different medication for each diagnosis: Adderall for ADHD, Valium for anxiety, and Zoloft for depression. Read More

Fight Depression with Exercise

Lately, exercise has been at the forefront of every conversation about health. No doubt this careful attention is due to the increasing concerns over obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Read More

Psychiatry: The Measureless Medicine

In The Breakthrough Depression Solution I refer to psychiatry as the “measureless medicine.”Read More

Is Medication The Answer to Depression?

We are a culture of extremes, making it hard to see the gray or find middle ground. Read More

James M. Greenblatt, M.D., a dually certified child and adult psychiatrist, is a pioneer in integrative medicine. His latest book is The Breakthrough Depression Solution.


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